FOR someone who has super long, but super straight eyelashes (and I know, I shouldn’t complain) finding any sort of lash treatment that lasts is a challenge.

Falsies just stick awkwardly above my real eyelashes, and curling them lasts for an hour, if I’m lucky, before they revert back to their dead straight natural shape.

I heard about a relatively new lash treatment, LVL lash lift, through a friend who’d had it done herself. Her eyelashes had an amazingly long, fanned-out look that mimicked lash extensions, but she promised me that they were her real lashes.

I searched for salons near me and found that the LVL treatment was pricey – around £40-£50 – but being so desperate to find something that worked for my lashes, and seeing the promise of results that lasted up to eight weeks, I was willing to give it a go.

The LVL treatment took around 45 minutes and involved the beauty therapist straightening my natural lashes at the root of the hair so that they had a longer, thicker appearance. A tint is also applied to mimic the look of mascara, which was barely noticeable on my already black lashes, but would look really striking on lighter lashes.

The results were instant and incredible; my lashes were so long they brushed against my eyebrows! The lashes were a little clumpy to begin with, but the beauty therapist provided a lash brush and recommended that I kept brushing them upwards and avoided getting them wet for 24 hours, whilst the product was still at work on my lashes. This would help to separate my lashes and create a more fanned-out look.

I got to work brushing through my lashes all evening (which was weirdly therapeutic) and went off to sleep happy as Larry with my new lash look.

It wasn’t until the next day that I noticed that one set of eyelashes was noticeably less lifted than the other. One set was long and fanned-out, while the other set were slightly curled but not nearly as impressive.

I rushed back to the salon to ask what could have gone wrong, to be told that because I slept on one side the lashes must have been pressed against the pillow, preventing the treatment from working effectively!

I was so disappointed, but applying mascara evened out the lashes and created the dramatic, false lash look I was after. It’s now been 3 weeks since the treatment, and although the lift has dropped a little, it’s still noticeable and somehow makes me look put-together with zero make-up on.

I’d definitely recommend the treatment for those wanting a natural, no-fuss answer to false lashes. Just make sure the salon gives you extensive after-care instructions – and try to sleep on your back!