“BLUES, Bourbon & Soul Food” is the ethos behind the southern and Texan BBQ inspired restaurant, The Blues Kitchen- and boy, does it live up to expectations.

A hotspot with food and music lovers alike, on certain days of the week, The Blues Kitchen takes on old-school soul venue vibes, with a range of artists taking centre stage to perform and entertain guests.

The ASCURLYUK girls visited its Camden branch in January, and here’s what we thought about what was on the menu:


If you love hardshakes, milkshakes, and everything in between, this is the place to be.  We opted for “The Banana Foster” hardshake minus the pecans. It could stand alone as a dessert and the combination of flavours balance each other out nicely- even if it could do with having a splash more alcohol in it!


Luckily for us, we visited The Blues Kitchen on Rib Night, which offered us juicy beef and pork ribs for just £10! I added macaroni and cornbread as a side option.

The meat is seasoned well and cooked nicely, but don’t be overwhelmed by the portion sizes! Just ask to take some home if you can’t manage it all in one go. The macaroni was very cheesy and had the perfect crust. The cornbread was a bit too sweet for me . I’d instead recommend sticking to one side, especially if you just want a sweet or savoury taste. Try the BBQ mustard or mayonnaise as a dipping sauce for your meat.

Saffron ordered the Cajun popcorn shrimp, which I had a taste of. I can honestly say it was the best Cajun shrimp I have tasted in the UK thus far and would definitely order it next time round. They had a sweet and spicy flavour combination that was punchy without being overwhelming. The dipping sauce also complemented them perfectly.

For dessert, we ordered the deep fried Oreos doughnuts and salted caramel dipping sauce. Although they were nice, the sugar rush hit me like tonne of bricks and could only manage one. For those going in a group of four, I would opt for the sharing platter instead of having your own.


The interiors are different, especially with old posters splayed across the bathrooms. It is unusually dark inside but the lack of lighting definitely adds to the southern bar vibes. An ideal venue for a date or drinks with friends.


A quirky venue with wholesome food, The Blues Kitchen is sure to keep you coming back for more. The Gumbo or Jambalaya are next on my must-try list! A five-minute walk from Camden Lock, it’s an ideal and affordable restaurant for casual dining.

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