Winter Top ‘Styling Tips’

Hey EVERYONE!! Here are a few of my ‘Winter Essentials’ LOOKBOOK.

All items are perfect pieces to have for this time of year, especially if you want to layer up but still be able to showcase your outfit.

From November to March the British weather will forever disappoint us Brits.Trying to find the full outfit without been cold, causing a fashion faux pas and enabling everyone to still see your full outfit potential.I Have put together FIVE of my favourite ‘winter’ wardrobe outfits that included the wear of a jacket and NO jacket.

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Hope you enjoy the video (PS This is my firstlookbook so please be kind) xoxo

Full Outfit Details! – *Some of the items have sold out so are now out of stock I have suggested some alternatives.



Metallic pumps:

Band Tee: or

Stripped Trousers:

Ripped Denim Jacket:

I choose to finish off the outfit with two metallic tones that being the gold earrings and silver pumps, I feel this completed the look and gave it a more vibrant finish as well as complementing the dark colours.I find pinstriped trousers are ideal for winter as they are still fitted but not as tight fitted as jeans. Although Im not an actual fan of Iron Maiden I love the bold print and colours displayed on this t-shirt making it an effortless add on to any outfit.


Mohair Grey Jumper: or

Black Heeled Boots:

Biker Jeans: or or

The Grey from the Mohair/Shirt Jumper and the baby pink of the suede bag together make the outfit more fun but suitable for meeting up with friends or going to work. The quality of the mohair is perfect for the winter weather so can be worn without a coat/jacket ontop. I love these black heel boots it gives me a lift as the oversized jumper swallows up my petite frame so having extra height is ideal.


Pleated Black Skirt: or

Embroidered Trainers: or or or

Funnel Neck/Zip through: or or

Im obsessed with funnel neck jumpers, this metallic/lurex jumper from Zara is perfect if you are wearing dark colours as its not too overwhelming. These comme des garçon x converse trainers are perfect for both winter/summer as they are low cut but are thicker than the normal converse trainer.



Coloured/Patterned coat: or

Black Top:


I have so many different coloured head wraps these are ideal for protecting my hair from breakage especially during the winter time.


Camo Trousers:

Vans: or

Shearling coat: or

This Zara favourite coat is perfect for wearing when its cold out, it keeps you warm and also stylish. The checkered van slip ons are also ideal if you don’t want to be wearing UGGS through AW as they are easy to take on and off and are also comfortable. Although I am wearing numerous prints and colours within this outfit i feel that the neutral tones compliment each other and don’t make the outfit in itself too overwhelming and busy.


Chain earrings:

Side bag: or or

Headwraps/Scarfs: or