Help your hair shine even when the sun doesn’t

The winter can be cruel to any hair type, even more so if you have coily, curly or Afro hair. These harsh winter winds and dry air can really suck the life out of hair making it lose its natural oils, glossiness and shine.

“How can my hair slay in the winter?”

Very simply- MOISTURE! In my last post, ‘My 5 secrets to healthy hair’ I spoke about the importance of moisture and showed my hair growth journey from March till September after I had around 6 inches cut off my hair.
On my hair journey keeping my hair well moisturised has been a life saver. Although it’s so underrated natural oils and protective styles are the way to last it out through winter with beautifully shiny hair.

My hair secret is Pure Argon Oil, it repaired my ends after I bleached them… twice! It aids split ends, add shine and gives beautiful silkiness to the hair. It’s best used just before bed, applying through hair then covering with a silky scarf or head cover. In the morning you’ll notice the difference.
I don’t use Argon oil on its own, I use it with a little bit of raw shea butter at my roots, (I emphasise the word “little” as excessive use can make my hair feel stiff) and also ‘Cantu leave-in conditioning repair cream’, which I picked up from the hair shop for £4.99 for a 453g tub. Again a little goes a long way and I have seen a drastic improvement in my hair’s moisture and shine almost instantly after using this product.

Protective styles like french plaits, braids and twists etc also keep your hair from being exposed to the elements. I like to french plait my hair straight after washing and applying product and leave it in for a few days then on the third day let it out, and reveal my beautiful bouncy waves. Not only do these styles keep your hair protected but they also give great curls and waves when used with the right products. I mean, have you seen those twist outs on Instagram? *heart eyes*

I also always say avoid using heat regularly, but every once in a while when you do blow dry your hair, try switching to the coolest available heat setting. Your hair may take a little longer to dry but it will thank you for it.

So ladies, if you want your hair to shine bright like a diamond in this dull English winter, remember to stay moisturised, keep your hair in a protective style when possible and make like the British weather and avoid the heat!