For anyone who watched BBC’s coverage of Eurovision might have been surprised to see that instead of showing a powerful tribute to the European refugee crisis they played a pre-recorded comedy skit featuring Mel Giedroyc cooking and eating meatballs. Many of you might not have even known this as the dance tribute by “The Grey People” as it was completely removed from the BBCs Eurovision coverage.

@NickMDuffy on Twitter said:

Spot the difference. omitting this whole refugee dance segment for a comedy skit? Sigh.

News outlet Pink News, said that the choice was very surprising as the insert was very popular around the rest of Europe. The moving performance shows a large group of performers interpreting the refugee crisis conveying the confusion and range of emotions that come with fleeing your home. Instead of giving the refugee crisis the publicity it deserves the BBC decided to show a woman eating meatballs instead.

A spokesman for the BBC said “The BBC opts out of the main broadcast at various points and has not shown the semi-final interval act for a number of years”.

For those of you who missed it or want to see the performance again you can check it out below.