While I was travelling I thought I had lost my GoPro forever. The only saving grace was that I could still connect to the GoPro’s WiFi so I knew that it was in the hostel somewhere. In a last ditch attempt to get it back I posted this question on Reddit (a popular online forum) asking for help. After getting several responses within minutes I connected to the GoPro and to my surprise the thief had taken almost 20 different videos of his room and himself.

The thief caught taking videos of himself by accident on my GoPro

After excitedly running to reception and showing the people working there who had my GoPro, they helped me track him down and confront him. He gave the camera back without causing a fuss and I do feel like I must have used up all my luck for the year in this one instance.. The thief had found my camera, charged it, taken several videos and photos of himself and then also managed to accidentally turn on the WiFi allowing me to access these videos.

I have decided to blur out the man’s face as I don’t want to publicly shame him, just his carelessness. I have no concrete proof of his intentions with the camera but the signs seem to indicate that he had no intention to return the camera or hand it in to the hostels reception. If you want a bit more in-depth explanation on how it all went down then watch the video all about it BELOW.