It’s unavoidably obvious that Christmas is just on the horizon. While super markets and advertisers have been keen to remind us of this since early November it is getting close which also means that Uni is about to become increasingly empty as everyone makes their way home for the holidays. I remember when I was a fresher this was the first time I had gone home since going to uni so it was a big deal for me and my parents. The change from uni life to home life was rather drastic and left me in a state of shock for a few days. No longer could I sleep in as long as I wanted without judgement, no longer was 10 pm an acceptable time to make noise, no longer could I wear the same clothes for days at a time, everything was different.

Leaving for home can be a traumatic experience so I’ve put together this little list about what I believe to be the worse things about leaving uni for Christmas.

5 Worst Things About Going Home For Christmas


1. People from your past

 We all have at least one friend on Facebook who we knew at school that dropped out and is still stuck in our home town. You know, the one that occasionally posts a racist article or controversial status. At least at uni you can easily avoid them with a strategically quick scroll down your Facebook feed. But now your back in the same area and heavens forbid you bump into them in a bar where you’ll be subject to several painful minutes of conversation. You get out of that conversation in time to return to your friends but alas all is not well. You accidentally catch the eye of your ex from 4 years ago. What were you thinking? They quickly give you little smirk and sidle up to their new partner who used to be good at sports but has let themselves go a bit since school and has developed a beer gut and a few unseemly tattoos. You get the idea, going back means the opportunity to bump into people from your past and who needs them with all your great new uni mates.

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2. Most of your stories are inappropriate

Many a time have I been recounting some uni antics to my parents and half way through I remember that the next part of the story is a bit inappropriate for my their ears. While telling the story of how my mate Callum got so drunk he fell down a step and ended up in A & E (he’s perfectly fine now) is hilarious story it doesn’t paint the best picture for my parents so I usually have to stick to really boring tales. You want to make sure your parents think your are going to lectures and studying in the library regularly not on a mad one every night of the week.

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3. Leaving your Uni BFFs

Now anyone who thought this wouldn’t be on the list was wrong. Of course one of the most heart wrenching moments of going home for Christmas is knowing that you wont be seeing all your friends for almost 4 WEEKS! Such heart break has never been felt as two best friends from opposite ends of the country saying good bye before travelling home for Christmas.

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4. It’s like a different timezone

All students around the world would agree that having a 9 am lecture on a Monday is probably worse than pretty much anything else but sleeping til 9 am back home is seen as a pleasant lie in. Whether it’s siblings off to school or parents off to work or dogs barking at anyone with the temerity to walk past our house, you’ll be lucky to sleep in past 9 am on a weekday. This also works the other way, the house becomes quiet much earlier and your stuck watching Netflix in your pyjamas missing your housemates.

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5. Going out just isn’t the same

Let’s face it. Going out back home is NEVER as good as going out at uni. I’m unlucky enough that when I’m back home there is only one night out that never changes, so you always bump into old acquaintances in the same grubby night clubs time after time. Worse of all, people who were below you in school are now old enough to club! The music is samey, the drinks are pricey and worse of all its full of locals and old women trying to relive their youth. Obviously some people live in areas good for clubbing back home but they are the lucky few. Nothing beats a good uni pre drink session followed by un-organised taxis, drunken dancing and cheesy chips on the way home. When I’m back home it costs me a £20 taxi just to get home and that’s on a good night. I’d rather save the money for when I’m back at uni where it can be put to better use.

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It’s not all doom and gloom being back home often means you get looked after by your parents. No more eating toast 3 times a day, having a kitchen from hell or locking away your cereal. Also it gives you a great chance to catch up with people you did like at school, catch up on sleep and after that you can recharge just in time for your first few nights back at uni just to realise you completely forgot to revise for your January exams…..damn.