Jen Gloeckner – VINE – Review


DUBBED the ‘femme fatale of Americana trip-folk,’ when Jen Gloeckner’s new album popped up in my inbox, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Hailing from Dubuque, Iowa along the Mississippi River, Gloeckner’s new album Vine is seductively hypnotic and I found myself delving deeper into Gloeckner’s captivating web of trippy instrumentals and lingering vocals.

Quite simply, Vine is 39 minutes of pure palpable transient intensity. The combination of Gloeckner’s breathy vocals and the captivating percussion sections creates the ultimate dream-like trance. With hints of ambient, country alternative, experimental and trip hop, Gloeckner succeeds in fashioning complete weightlessness.

Her affinity for string instruments in their barest forms sparkles throughout, all the way from ‘Vine’ through to ‘Sold’ and most beautifully in ‘Row with the Flow’.

Something I find Incredibly intriguing about this album is no two tracks are the same and yet they are all strikingly very Jen Gloeckner. If there was ever an album that had a particular je ne sais quoi it was Vine. It is tribal, it is primal it is animalistic, it is raw, and so much more.

What I love most about this album is the sense of genuine musicality in every, there is an authenticity to Vine that is not commonly found with albums anymore. Vine is more than an eleven-track project, it is a work of art that has been carefully crafted, and this is reflected in the originality and individuality of each and every track on Vine.


“‘Vine’ is seductively hypnotic”


‘Breathe’ did something to me, but in saying that all of the tracks left me feeling incredibly affected, Gloeckner’s soft and subtle tone creates an overall euphoric effect.

This album is like walking through an enchanted meadow just before dusk, and every track is a new path you can take before Gloeckner brings you back home with ‘Sold’. Vine takes you on a journey of adventure and sweet surrender.


Label: Spinning Head Records

Released: 14 April 2017

In One Line: Tantalisingly hypnotic

Favourite Track: Ginger Ale

Favourite moment: the fusion of synthesised sounds and string instruments at the start of Breathe

Favourite Lyric: ‘Swinging on a rainbow, flying’