Sorry not sorry, but I have been irked beyond the point of return.

Every Wednesday for the past few of months, Backchat LDN is what you’ll find me watching in the witching hours of a Wednesday night/ Thursday morning . If you have me on Snapchat, you’ll probably be inundated with snaps of my favourite/funniest/ WTF moments from the show.

Recently, well I say recently but this is something that has been brewing for while, my tolerance for their (at times) base discussion on (at times) shallow topics that are mildly entertaining, yet not intellectually stimulating, has reached its peak. I really hate to say that because there are individuals on the show that actually have justifiable points but their intelligence is lost in the saucy foolishness I allow myself to watch every week.

Somewhere, between this project starting out as a show to voice the opinions of young black Londoners, and now, it has ended up as a farcical joke. It is a great shame because the show’s original premise was successful at speaking for and engaging with a large demographic.

For a platform that prides itself on promoting “Real people, Real lives, Real talk” why are most, if not all the issues discussed on the show based on sex, infidelity, relationships or as I like to dub the Meek Mill mantra of “f*ck b*tches, get money”? Unless, we are working under the impression that we are all flawed, then yes BKChat is representative our flawed millennial generation. Are you really saying that the issues that affect us, as millennials are money, sex, and power? Life isn’t an episode of Empire, Love and Hip or Power! Sure they might be things some millennials care about and want to talk about but there are plenty other issues that BKChat fail to explore that are “relevant and current in today’s society” that would still get them views as opposed to their constant salacious fodder.


Reasons I’m over BKChat:

Content is lacking in substance

With topics ranging from cheating partners to body count to ‘image gang’ BKChat’s oh so intellectual discussion of so-called ‘real topics about real life’ are less than a stone throw away from mere click-bait. Please tell me BKChat is not the YouTube equivalent of The Tab.

Yes, I said it and I will let my ill feelings towards the publication that shall not be mentioned twice in my post be made as clear as my ill feeling towards the BKChat, both of you are neither informative or engaging. That’s not to say that the show doesn’t cover important issues such as body image, rape, abortion, and marriage. Yet there is still an overwhelming sense of reckless imprudent behaviour, which has reared its ugly head in Season 2.

Stop promoting damaging images of acceptable behaviour to the world

The most worrying thing about BKChat is that it is fostering an environment where younger viewers will think ‘oh, if I’m loud and rude and shhh people mid-discussion, people will rate me, my Instagram followers will increase and I’ll be invited to all these different events and I’ll be THAT guy/girl that everyone knows’. It’s not ok for grown adults, some of whom are parents, to yell, shout and bully (no I did not get trigger happy, people are getting bullied on BKChat) and it’s all ok because the show is still getting its views. Their sponsors are still getting advertising, so everyone that is important, is happy.

Lucas vs Adreyn Round One from 14:35

No everyone is not happy

As a young, black woman from East London I have to say there are instances when I have watched the show and just been like these people are not representative of my thoughts and beliefs, despite the fact we share a race/culture/ethnicity. Go get educated and learn how to present yourself to the world before you go shouting all kinds of nonsense just for views and likes.

Stop promoting the wrong message

As for all these so-called ‘Alpha’ characters **cough**Lucas & Esther**cough** feeling threatened or irritated by new cast members coming on the show, they need to stop their buffoonery now. Word for the wise, alpha males do not constantly refer to themselves as alpha males. If you did not want new people on your show, you had your chance to speak and voice your opinions during casting. The situation now, is that you are all there to do a job, so leave your egos at the door and have a civilised discussion. Stop brawling like a bunch of babies.

Esther and Lucas shut down Nunu Round One from 9:30

Why are instances of intellect slammed?

Just because you lack the intellectual capability to understand consumerism does not mean you have the right to laugh it off. Educate yourselves on things that matter before you embarrass yourselves on a national platform. Stop making yourselves look uneducated, you have been given a platform to share your opinions, so stop showing your derrière to the world.

Bring the best bits back

NissyTee, Azrayah, Wale and at least then the conversation will actually go somewhere and still be entertaining as opposed to having individuals who just want to shout and make their voices heard, purely for the sake of it. Just because you can, does not mean you should shout. Just because you have an opinion, does not make it fact. Just because you have a loud and outgoing personality does not mean you can shut down people just because you don’t like them or what they have said.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where this kind of behaviour is rewarded with notoriety and praise and quite frankly I’m disappointed that members of my generation can be this shallow and superficial. I’m not suggesting BKChat should try to emulate Question Time, though I do consider that debate show time well spent, but have some respect and show some integrity. For your viewers, their intellect and yourselves.




What do you guys think???

Are you a fan of BKChat? Do you think their quality is going down? Or don’t you think it is their responsibility?

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