For some reason, I thought I’d kick start my final year at university, complete with a back-breaking reading list and a gazillion word dissertation, by getting involved with as many extra-curricular activities as possible. Is that wise? Maybe, maybe not, but we’ll leave that for another post.

Whilst some students may get through uni by pulling pints as opposed to drinking them, I became a brand ambassador- something I stumbled across on Instagram, applied for out of sheer curiosity, and was surprisingly successful and by no means regretful.

I go to Loughborough, which is one of those tight-knit university campuses where you can’t walk around without bumping into that guy from last night. It’s raining with students moonlighting as brand ambassadors, from Boohoo, American Express, SAP, TechPartnership, L’Oréal, Milkround, BigChoice and Innocent, to name a few.


For me, being a brand ambassador is the perfect fit for my busy student life, because companies understand that university is your main priority, meaning any tasks they give you are easy to manage alongside your studies and social life. Just to make it that little bit easier for myself, I am the brand ambassador for not one, but two companies: the crowdfunding app Tilt and the graduate and intern recruitment company, Instant Impact, who I used to find my summer internship.

As much as I am grateful to have another source of income to fuel my riotous social life – sorry mum I mean dissertation fund, sometimes the struggle is real:

1. It’s all fun and games until you miss a target

Hell hath no fury like an unimpressed brand manager. I am not saying that your brand managers will come down on your like a tonne of bricks because a) they’re based in London and b) there’s only so much disappointment that can transpire over a phone call or email. Essentially you’re working in marketing so results are crucial.

2. The dreaded lecture shout-outs

Believe me, we (brand ambassadors) love giving these probably about the same amount as you love listening to them. I don’t necessarily hate public speaking but going into a lecture that no one wants to be in in the first place and then giving a talk about another way to find internships and graduate placements is not always how I like to start my Monday at 9am.

3. Stash, stash, stash!

I’m not sure if this is just a Loughborough thing but we love to be branded, sport, society or club there’s a stash for it.

4. The super fun socials

Unashamedly I went to my first Tilt social for the free bubbles but stayed for the banter. Being a brand ambassador is so great because you get to meet people

from all over the UK, even better when it’s over free pizza on a rooftop terrace in West London

The brand ambassador life is not a hard one, but it can be challenging at the best of times- it’s still just a job, after all. If you take anything away from this, next time you  see a poor soul handing out Innocent smoothies or handing out flyers, please take them and smile, because under all that stash we are still people trying to earn a little extra cash. Also, if after reading this you have the sudden urge to join either Tilt or Instant Impact feel free to hit me up because there is a Christmas bonus with my name written all over it.