I love a selfie as much as the next 19-year-old girl. I am the first to admit I am more than just a tad selfie aware/ conscious/ obsessed. Call it what you will but the selfie fad doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon, much to my dismay … sort of.

1. #Selfie

Despite it being the worst song of all time since What Does the Fox Say it underwhelms me that this song made someone somewhere money. I’m disappointed in the human race for allowing it into charts music.



2. The Selfie Stick

As if taking a selfie needed even more flames to the fire there is now equipment to aid you in your selfie endeavours … madness



3. The whole world does not care about your face

Just because you are able to take a picture of yourself and arguably you might even look nice in it, this does not mean people on your social media want to be inundated with pictures of your face 24/7. You are not Marilyn Monroe please stop creating photo montages of yourself.



4. The “I just woke up like this” selfie 



Oh please and how many tries did it take for you to get that shot where you look fabulous but are trying to scream Beyoncé I woke up like this.

5. The “gym” selfie

Fair enough if you go to the gym for an actual workout and then a selfie just happens to naturally occur (I use the term naturally loosely) but is it necessary to take one every single time you are there. I hope you trip over dumbbells and fall.



6. The “duckface” selfie

Question 1: are you a duck? If no please do not proceed with this ridiculous fish themed pose, fish get offended, other people’s eyes are offended because they have to look at you finding your inner duck and your camera is offended for being exploited in this bizarre and cruel manner.