Do I go to the best Uni in England? Yes.

Does Loughborough walk on water? Yes.

Am I bias? Yes.

Despite however many city university goers boast the pros of going to university in an urban area there is a lot to be said for the campus university experience.

Here’s my advice for anyone starting university at Loughborough or any other campus university but still applicable to the universal Fresher experience:

Invest in white t-shirts like your life depends on it

These should come as high up on your priority list as baked beans and cans of Strongbow. They will be equally as invaluable during all of those Lougborough whiteboard socials, neon and paint parties that will inevitably get messy. Same goes for whiteboard pens- they are the ultimate olive branch.

Be prepared to look a ~little~ silly

A shepherd, a lollipop lady, a stop sign…it’s like Halloween every day during LSU freshers,’and sooner or later you’ll grow to love your God awful freshers’ outfits.

The SING OFF matters

The days leading up to the first Sunday night of freshers will see you embark on learning some of the most barbaric chants created. This Sunday night special is the closest you will ever come to cult practices in Loughborough.

Freshers’ Flu

This is not an urban legend. It’s particularly viral at campus unis such as Loughborough- maybe it’s because your so close to others all the time, or maybe they put something in the vodka, who knows. Nonetheless, freshers’ flu is real you will get sick sooner or later so stock up.

 If you went to Loughborough and didn’t attempt sports even once, did you even go to Loughborough

Yes we have elite athletes who competed at the Olympics but don’t let that intimidate you. Loughborough makes sport to everyone of all abilities from my lifestyle classes to Intramural Hall Sport to AU Sports.

Don’t care too much…

…But still try

Just because First Year technically ~doesn’t count~ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Try everything at least once

from all four floors of Pilk to the 3 for £5 VKs to the prosecco bar


And finally…enjoy it!

because in three to five years, it will all be over and you will find yourself bidding farewell to the best bubble in the Midlands.