Happy Air Max Day sneaker enthusiasts!

Nike has been hogging the lime light this month but today is officially the day to celebrate the visible air unit. This year Nike has taken it up a peg or 10, and have released several killer kicks in order to glorify its 30th anniversary. Yep, 30 years of air… MADNESS.

Since 1987 Nike have release many generations of kicks, in various materials and colourways which all display the air-cushioning window.

The list of Air Max masterpieces consists of:


The Air Max 90: originally named the Air max 3 up until 2000, when it took on the name of the year it was created.

The Air Max 93: not only did it have a 270-degree air window; it was the first of the Air collection to have a coloured bubble.

The Air Max 95: inspired by the human body, this silhouette does not make its statement with the huge trademark swoosh however; it made a killer impact with its multiple visible air units.

The Air Max 97: inspired by a bullet train this sleek shoe has been released various times in order to celebrate its 20th birthday.

The Air Max Plus: released in 1998, this kick has hit the shelves of sneaker stores in multiple colourways and was extremely popular amongst the UK garage scene. And that’s just a quick highlight of the releases involving the air technology!


We all have our favourite silhouettes and as I have mentioned in a previous blog, mine HAS to be the Air Max 90. Whether it be my infrareds, VTs or Lunars; I wear my 90s far too often, but I’m not going to leave them sat in the box – they deserve all the lime light they get!



This month we have already witnessed the release of the reshaped Air Max 1, the Air Max 90 Flyknit Infrared’s and the the Air Max 1 Master. Of course getting your hands on a pair of any of these creps wasn’t easy. It’s crazy that you can enter raffles to win the chance just to BUY a pair of kicks these days; nothing is ever simple is it? But that’s part of the fun of collecting. The advertising surrounding Air Max Day has been mega too, with all the ‘Kiss My Airs’ posts on social media and Sneakersnstuff London have revamped the front of the store with a lick of paint just for this special occasion.

Although all the releases this month have been remarkable, I think a fair few people will agree when I say the most anticipated release of the month was the Air Max 1 Atmos. This kick first hit the sneaker scene back in 2003 and I’m yet to witness another colourway as picture-perfect as this. Although it has been given a premium leather upgrade the sneaker stays true to its original release, with its bold water inspired swoosh, black paneling and statement elephant print, there is no surprise this zoo based sneaker established a demanded re-release. Unfortunately, and it deeply frustrates me to say this, the Atmos did not release in my size… shock, the curse of the baby feet returns. My instagram feed is fulled with aesthetic pictures of these kicks and I envy everyone that managed to pick up a pair.

Yesterday was the day sneakerheads from all over Europe travel to Shoreditch to attend one of the leading sneaker festivals, Crepe City. As I am SWAMPED with uni work I wasn’t able to get myself down to London for the day but the last Crepe City event I attended was a great experience and I would definitely recommend getting yourself to the next one! I have never seen so much heat in one place; it consists of stall after stall of rare deadstock kicks and designer garms from brands such as Supreme and Bape. The venue is perfect for such a large-scale event as it soon gets packed full of sneaker addicts scouting out their next pickups.


If you got chance to venture to Crepe City yesterday let me know on Twitter: @becksthompson. Or, if you want to show off your Air Max pick ups from this months collection then please do drop me an email on beckythompson95@hotmail.co.uk with some snaps and I’ll check them out for the next blogpost.

All photos courtesy of Hollie Thornton.