Question; is there anything more frustrating than heading to cop a pair of trainers and they have sold out? YES!

The short answer; ridiculous misogynistic, massive sizes (not that short in the end). There isn’t a lot worse than picking up those trainers you’ve been dying to grace your feet with, only to find they’re not available in any size under a UK5/6. I am one of those unfortunate soles (pun intended), who struggle when it comes to grabbing the latest drops in tiny sizes. Take the Nike x Roundel Air Zoom Spiridon’s for example. A current release which dropped in two clean colourways, but started in a size UK5. I mean come on, help a female sneakerhead out!

However this is occurring less and less and I must admit, us girls have had some solid releases in 2016 from the Puma X Rihanna Fenty sliders to another slick Reeboks X Naked collaboration. With the rise in women’s sports fashion-wear and websites such as HYPEBAE popping up, the frustration of not being able to find your size is becoming less apparent.

We will always receive the passing comments about being able to cop junior kicks (I mean, they’re cheaper anyway so who’s the real winner?) But if we want the statement sneaks that you can’t get on the shelves of JD and Footlocker, we’ll still have to pay the full whack just like everyone else.

There is heat out there for little feet!

It seems the sneaker culture is overwhelmed with Yeezy’s but to me, that takes away from the novelty of owning a pair. With more and more being released and so many fakes flying around, someone is always going to question the authenticity when they are on your feet.

The silhouette of the Nike Air Max 90 is a classic and it is rarely beaten in my eyes. The retro colourway of the AM90 Infrared is among one of the most aesthetically pleasing and has been revamped a decent amount, from all leather to suede. In early 2016 Nike banished the shoes suede paneling and replaced them with tidy modern mesh, leaving the shoe with a slimmer look; as we all know… the AM90 is not the lightest of kicks. Unfortunately I didn’t grab a fresh mesh pair but I still love my suede babies and gave them a little makeover with some Rope laces’.

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