That feeling of Hopelessness. It can be all consuming when shit hits the fan. A mental prison. You feel out of your depth. Ironically, it is moments like these you have to dig the deepest.

You can lose your cool and be swallowed up by the abyss, or, you can vow to rebuild yourself brick by brick. One step at a time.

Often, the latter is the road less travelled. For good reason, it isn’t easy. Knowing where and how to start in midst of it all, when you feel most alone, can be extremely daunting. Your head is swamped with negative thoughts, and clarity eludes you.

But It doesn’t have to.

In todays episode, Father, Mentor and Ex-Convict, David, shares with you his story on how he rebuilt his life. Detailing the most important mindset shifts he made during his four year prison sentence. These mindset shifts not only aided in his survival, but played a key role in him rebuilding his life outside of prison.

Maybe you know someone that is struggling with feelings of hopelessness right now and doesn’t know where to start? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re not. Whatever the case, Davids insight will leave you with something to think about, and at the very least, inspired!

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