“Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year”

Are you the 1 in 4?

If not you, one of your friends may be. Maybe its a family member. Whoever it is, you know them.

So read on.

We all face internal battles. Each to varying degree’s. As we face these our demons, whatever shape they may take; fear, doubt, shame, a sense of loneliness can set in. IT almost feels inescapable, even surrounded by friends. The noise of thoughts racing through your head. You’re here. But you’re not here. You can’t talk to anyone because you feel they  won’t understand. Plus you don’t want their pity. It only serves as a reminder and reaffirms you as the victim Most of all, you’re scared of  being judged.

Here is the reality.

You are alone. Action is up to you. But you aren’t alone in the advice and support thats available to you. Its funny, in a world where we share so much on social media, we rarely share anything that matters. We would rather post a picture and act like everything is ok, than sit down and have that tough conversation. We share stuff which doesn’t matter, while neglecting to share what does with those that do.

Will this podcast change someones life?

I don’t know. Non of us are Tony Robbins. But, sometimes, its nice to hear someone’s story. A reminder you’re not alone.All it takes is one action to change a person’s life for better. It can be as simple as Jamie sharing his story. It can can be as simple as you sharing this link. Whoever needs it will see it. They may not tell you about it, but you’ve helped.





At worst, the first 15mins bore you. At best, you gain some insight into what its like dealing with mental health and your choice to share it helps someone else in the process.

Before I go, Jamie wanted to share something with you.


Stigma – a mark of disgrace associated with a particular quality, circumstance or person.

In society we are quick to label things ‘taboo’ or place blinds on things we can only view from inside. Society driven stigma in Mental health & mental illness persists, despite one in three of us suffering from psychological difficulties in our life time, despite suicide being the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 (yes, bigger than cancer).

What can we do to change the tide of stigma? Talk. Be kind to ourselves when we talk. We are more courageous than we think. I hope listening to my story gives you the shift in confidence needed to open up about emotional and mental illness.

– Jamie

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