138 hostages

138 people are currently being held at gunpoint in a Radisson Blue Hotel in the Malian capital of Bamako.


Three people killed

Three people have reportedly been killed, and two soldiers injured in the gunfire.


Gunmen stormed hotel this morning

Reuters news agency reports that a group of gunmen arrived in a vehicle at 07:00 GMT and forced their way through a security barrier,

It is not clear how many gunmen there were, but reports estimate between 5 and 15.


Malian Special Forces moving in

Malian special forces have begun to enter the building, to try bring an end to the siege, alongside 25 US Special Forces and French military who are helping to free hostages.




Potential Jihadists

It is believed that the gunmen are potential Jihadists, according to numerous eye witness reports. They were heard to shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ , meaning’God is Great’ in Arabic during the gunfire. According to a Sky News journalist, Al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility for the attack.


Many have managed to escape
170 people were first taken hostage this morning, however some have managed to escape or be freed by special forces. Inside the hotel was thought to be;
  • 30 hotel staff
  • 20 Indians
  • 10 Chinese
  • Seven Algerians, six of whom were diplomats
  • Six Turkish airline staff
  • Two Moroccans
  • Two Russians working for Ulyanovsk airline
  • Guinean singer Sekouba Bambino was there
  • French Airline crew
  • An unknown number of French, including 12 Air France crew
  • US citizens are suspected to have been in the hotel


French airline crew have all escaped

All 12 Air France crew who were caught up in the siege at the Radisson Hotel in Bamako have escaped and are safe, according to a tweet from the French airline.

According to a statement the group rescued were two pilots and 10 cabin crew.

More on this as news progresses..