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Ello there!

So as well as being an editor for the ever wonderful SpiceUKOnline, I’m also a presenter for Leeds Student TV, an amazing student run tv station that gets access to unbelievable events, makes great tele and even has a place on real TV channel Made In Leeds, every Wednesday and Saturday at 10pm! This year has been so much fun and I’ve been incredibly lucky to be put forward for Best On-Screen Male at the 2016 National Student Television Awards!

This is a national awards where every university TV station across the UK put forward their best content, and come together for a booze filled weekend of the 1-3rd April, all culminating in the long awaited award ceremony on the Saturday night!

Here’s my 2016 showreel for the awards, give it a watch – I hope you like it, and if you do then let me know! Comment below or tweet @SpiceUKOnline / @BillyTruswell

*Caution for a very criminal ending [lol, never ever take me too seriously]*