Radio 1 and 1xtra live lounge’s have sprung up some of the most beautiful, bizarre and bloody brilliant covers of the last decade. Since legendary Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley began the feature back in ’06, we have seen big rock bands take on delicate acoustics, singer-songwriters spitting bars, boybands becoming girl bands and rap artists showcasing their (unbelievably) angelic voices.

It’s an awesome format. Every week is completely different from the last, and you get a truly original look at how musically gifted the artists we know and love can be. Whats more great is that most artists are truly terrified when they’re about to perform – the raw, live atmosphere means there is no where for them to hide, so they are desperate to impress. It takes away that confident, showbiz bravado and shows them as an actual, normal, not-from-mars human being!

Live lounges often become iconic moments in music. Over the last decade there’s been some classics, and the debate over which prevails divides opinion. I asked our editors to give us their favourites, and we want you to answer our poll to decide which is the all time Radio 1/1xtra Live Lounge performance!

Name: Jessica Davis
Performance: Jamie T – If I Were A Boy (Beyonce)
Date: December 2009
Why: “I love radio one live lounges because you always here something different, and I love how artists put such a different spin on songs that it can sound like a completely different song! Also anything by Florence and the machine I love too, but this one particularly blew me away!”


Name: Joel Borquaye
Performance: Little Mix – Jason Derulo and Whitney Houston
Date: July 2015
Why: “I’m ashamed that I like them but I like them a lot , not many groups in the UK that can make that kind of sound , harmonies are on point!”


Name: Eloise Every
Performance: Ben Howard – Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)
Date: May 2012
Why: “A prime example of the magic that live lounge’s can produce – Ben Howard turns probably the most annoying song of 2012 into a chilled out, beautifully delicate piece of music. Plus that rusty voice of his – oh my god I LOVE HIM”


Name: Rob Bruce
Performance: Sugarbabes – Spiralling (Keane) 
Date: October 2008
Why: “I remember going through a real indie/alternative stage after i started to learn the guitar. I had the radio 1 Live lounge volume 4 CD and totally loved Keane’s song ‘Spiralling’ and this cover just got me. It was the best performance but a really interesting moment for me !”


Name: Sean Wise
Performance: Arctic Monkeys – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake) 
Date: September 2013
Why: “I love it because it summed up Arctic Monkeys’ new sound perfectly by remixing an RnB track and the way they put the tune together sums up how cool live lounge can be


Name: Georgia Ellen Chambers
Performance: Slaves – Shutdown (Skepta)
Date: December 2015
Why: “Breakthrough band Slaves are proof that punk and grime make a messy, absolutely bonkers, but beautiful match. Drummer and vocalist Isaac spits out Skepta’s infamous rhyme without breaking a sweat, and bassist Laurie manages to translate the thumping base of the original track into sharp and heavy synths. The comedy factor is also definitely there, with Laurie hilariously attempting the spoken part of the song, whilst Isaac stands opposite him trying not to keel over laughing. I also have to big up these Tonbridge Wells boys for reppin’ my home county of Kent, so they top my list for favourite live lounge.


Name: Billy Truswell
Performance: Florence & The Machine – Take Care (Drake feat. Rihanna)
Date: November 2011
Why: I loved the original, like really loved it. And then this just took it to another level. Thats the great thing about this format, it can make songs you love get even better! Florence kills it, how she hits those notes is beyond me. What a lady, what a song, what a live lounge. 


So there we have our editors pics of their favourite Radio 1 Live Lounge’s ever! We want to hear from you though. Answer the poll and decide once and for all which is our winner! Or if you think it should be someone else, comment below or Tweet us @SpiceUKOnline !

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