Leeds is a city known for cultivating some bloody good bands and artists, and with so many incredible music festivals that take part here, you can see why. Whether it be Reading and Leeds, Slam Dunk or Live at Leeds, the opportunity for young artists to cut their teeth on the live stages means seeing next years hottest band is always a possibility – and for that we love it.

One of the many exciting up and coming bands coming out of Leeds are 4-piece indie rock band Vitamin. I managed to chat to two of the lads before they tore the roof off of the Brudenell Social Club at this years Live at Leeds Festival, and ask them all about their plans for summer, advice for getting into the industry, and, most importantly, who’s the waviest on tour..


So ‘just be really good’ was the unanimous answer to success, and luckily for Vitamin, they pretty much have that down. With an infectious summery sound thats accompanied perfectly with raw vocals and delightfully delicate melodies, bandmates Jared, Theo, Cameron and Harrison are quickly making a name for themselves in Leeds’ music scene.

They first received national praise when Radio 1’s Phil Taggart debuted their track ‘To Believe’, and they have since gone on to release ‘This Isn’t Love’ and their brand new record ‘Waterfall’. All these songs absolutely ring of summery party vibes. The lead vocals have a familiar yet distinctive sound and the upbeat, indie-pop melodies immediately whisk you away to a far away festival, with a cider in your hand and the sun on your back.

Taking the upbeat, pop style that has recently reinvigorated the indie-rock genre; Vitamin are The 1975 with a bit more bite. If you’re a fan of Peace, Swim Deep, Two Door Cinema Club or any other band that thrashes a guitar in a way that makes you want to take your clothes off and dance in the sun; then get some Vitamins in you. (bet no one’s made that joke before..)


Vitamin’s newest single ‘Waterfall’ is out now! Check it: www.thisisvitamin.com

Also follow them on Twitter: twitter.com/thisisvitamin

Facebook: facebook.com/thisisvitamin