Live music? Yep. Tent? Got it. Rolling fields? You bet. Chance of getting rained on? Astronomical.

We’re going to Kendal Calling Festival 2017!

This year SpiceUK will be hitting up Lowtheer Deer Park in the Lake District for Kendal Calling, one of Britains most exciting festivals to grace the summer roster. It’s set to be a weekend of incredible live music, weird and wonderful art, and fabulously fun times in the fields. So, before we adorn the wellies and crack open that first can of lukewarm cider; let’s take a look at what we can expect..


This year’s lineup is more varied than ever before. As a festival which prides itself on having something for everyone, you can expect artists young and old and every genre under the sun to appear on this roster. Whether it’s superstar DJ’s fresh off the plane from Ibiza, classic rock bands that know how to work a festival or up-and-coming indie starlets just cutting their teeth in the industry; the lineup is HUGE! Here’s just some of the names that will be taking to the stage, and the ones that we at SpiceUK will be sure not to miss!


Contemporary festivals nowadays know that the people want more than just music. Despite their muddy, dishevelled looks, we want some culture! With that in mind Kendal Calling has lots to offer and then some. This year across the fields you can stumble into live artwork, incredible installations, light shows and astral projections – basically anything that will make you stop and go.. ‘wooahh, f**k me that’s cool!’ Check out the full lineup of art and culture on the KC website by clicking HERE !


Kendal Calling boasts 15 stages and areas dotted all over the park, all as weird and wonderful as the other. For me that’s one hallmark of a great festival, the ability to be transported from one ridiculous world to another in a matter of moments. At KC, that is in abundance and is one thing that we’re most looking forward to seeing. Some of the stages on offer..

The Main Stage – You can guess this one, right? It’s the biggest one, that will host the biggest names. Easy.

The Glow Tent – The place to be for cutting edge dance and electronica – think top bill DJ’s and BIG parties

Calling Out – The stage for up-and-coming bands. The place to be for you ‘I knew them before they were big’ guys..

Riot Jazz – A tent dedicated to cool. Jazz bands, brass ensembles, hip and happening people.

Houseparty – The one we’re most excited to see. This stage is basically a house, that will host amazing DJ’s late into the night. There’s furniture to jump on, a kitchen to hang in .. everything you want from a house party!

And of course theres more. Head here to see the full list!

So the weekend is set to be an incredible one. We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store but there are already a few things that are definite; a lot of singing, too much dancing, probably an unearthly amount of rain; but a hell of a lot of fun.

We’ll be there from Thursday so keep checking our social channels for all of our goings on! We’ll be keeping our Instagram and Snapchat stories regularly updated so that you can see what KC is all about, and then await to see a beautiful photo gallery of the weekend alongside our full festival review!