I have the pleasure of being a university student in a city famed for its loud, proud, ‘edginess’; Leeds. Among a host of reasons that make studying in this glorious city the best years of my life, there is one thing that draws anyone and everyone to the city, it’s nightlife. Billed as one of, if not the, best night out in the country, Leeds’ party scene is infamous. The thriving city, which is home to a massive student population, sets out to please everyone. No matter what your taste, there is always a new night appearing onto the scene, trying to accommodate every weird and wonderful niche and please those party animals. Now with so much going on, choosing where to go may seem a Herculean task. Well with that in mind, I have put together a small list of 5 nights that are sure to impress – so go forth, you mad’eds.  


Sticky Feet: The king of Leeds student club nights. When you think of super clubbing, Sticky Feet is what you would imagine. Do not fear, it stops just short of the grimness its name hints at, and is actually one of your ‘cleaner’ adventures that Leeds has to offer. Its venue at Warehouse is not huge, but has an amazing sound system and the world class smoking area and option of an RnB room upstairs offer a release to the ‘bass driven beats’ pulsating through the building. Everyone finds their favourite spot early on in the year whether it be up near the bar on the right, elevated at the stage at the back or absolutely killing the dance floor bang where they hit you with those lazerbeams. If you want a wild party, Sticky Feet will have you sorted.

Good Life: A new company in terms of everything that is going on in Leeds but one that is prepared to put on some of the biggest shows at Leeds’ edgiest venue; Beaver Works. Putting on 3 or 4 events a year they aim to provide the biggest selection of new house and disco DJ acts available to the hungry students, with themed party’s giving each event a unique feel. Their Mexican Fiesta last year remains one of my favorite nights out in the city, and the way they are starting off the new academic year, with a festival at Leeds Uni Student Union called Fools Paradise, shows that they are stepping up the game. Overall the main thing that stands out with Good Life is that iconic Leeds word; Edgy. The most Leeds place there is.

Mixtape Project: Situated at the super cool Hifi club, which also brings us a comedy night and funk night throughout the week, Mixtape delivers exactly what it’s name suggests. One of the best playlists you will ever come across, they have no limits (seriously none). You could be bouncing to MK and then all of a sudden Marvin Gaye and TLC have joined the party; madness. But don’t worry, it NEVER crosses the line into sheer cheesiness. Resident DJ Dan Hills is in my opinion the best in the city, working wonders by dipping just the right amount of cool, singalong and feel good vibes into the mix, getting everyone involved. The main thing that stands out on this Tuesday night adventure is how happy everyone is in there, from the doorman to the bar staff. This atmosphere leaks down the Hifi stairs and helps create a vibe like no other. Even the ever-broken air conditioning unit seems to be smiling all night. The party for everyone.

Fuzzy Logic: Of course not everyone likes dance music. Sometimes you want to rock out, chill out, or bliss out. If the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Stone Roses, The Strokes, and Black Keys are your kind of thing, then this is the place for you. Fuzzy Logic is your mecha for a super trendy night out with all the best indie and alternative you could ask for. Wire really is one of the coolest clubs in Leeds, having a number of nights that are massively popular in the underground of Leeds. When repetitive EDM becomes a monotonous tone, get on your Doc Martins and give Fuzzy a go. I know a lot of people who wandered round Leeds looking for something like this for months, so here it is.

Call Lane: What a lot of people don’t realize when they come to university is how different some student nights might be to what they are used to back home. Like I have said, there is definitely something for everyone and Leeds is the king of providing entertainment for students, but some people want something a bit more grown up. If this is the case then Call Lane is the place to be, and place to be seen. With a number of bars and clubs that you can hop between, Call Lane is the trendiest street in all of Yorkshire (probably). Perfect for celebrating not failing your mid-terms, or impressing a certain someone, this where to go when you want to get dressed up and spend some real money. The Backroom is probably your best bet for somewhere that you know you will always have a good time whilst looking suave as anything at the same time. It ain’t cheap, but that’s the charm. Looking to impress – get to Call Lane.

There you are, no need to worry now. Leeds has somewhere for everyone, yes even you.

Variety really is the #Spice of life.