One of the countries biggest student event planners is changing the venue of their flagship night, MiNT Mondays. The step up from MiNT Club to their Warehouse will almost triple their capacity and bring a whole new dimension to the event.

The extension will not only bring more income to the organisers, No Curfew, but it will give more of a chance for different people to experience a very popular event.

Many students shy away from something new because of overcrowded venues and this is an important step towards making everyone possible comfortable. The variety of rooms at the Warehouse, in comparison to Club’s single space, also makes it more accessible to customers who enjoy different genres.

The move itself is a risk, due to the intimate club’s popularity, but one that is expected to be a success as they continue to throw bigger and better parties.

SpiceUK will be at MiNT Festival in September to bring you all the news from this organisation’s mega dance festival.