Turkish armed forces have taken control of the country in order to ‘reinstate order, freedoms and human rights’ and President Erdogan has fled the capital.

With reports of gunfire on the streets, an explosion and potential helicopter fire, the unfolding events are incredibly pivotal and currently there are countless questions to be answered.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Around 10pm, the Turkish Armed Forces declared it would seize power of the country in order to reinstate freedoms.
  • Soldiers have gathered in main city squares, blocked off major roads and gunfire has been heard in the capital city Ankara
  • President Erdogan has spoken to CNNTurk via FaceTime, and it is believed he has fled the capital and is residing in resort town Marmaris
  • Ataturk Airport has closed, and all flights have been cancelled.
  • Most major airlines have cancelled flights to Turkey and are rerouting any flights currently heading for the country.
  • President Erdogan has called for citizens to take to the streets and resist the coup
  • Erdogan insists he will remain as President, and the coup will be short-lived and met with neccessary retaliation
  • The UK Foreign Office has urged all Brits currently in Turkey to avoid public areas and stay calm.

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