Everything we can take from Germany 2 England 3 in just 500 words.

  1. Born Young and Free.

England’s crop of young blood was raring and ready to win tonight. When was the last time you saw an England team play with such drive and determination? Such passion and intent? Vardy, Kane, Dier and Rose don’t care if they’re relative newbies to the international football scene, playing with their hearts on their sleeves hasn’t failed them so far and it didn’t fail them tonight. Many, including Hodgson, must shift their thinking when it comes to considering the experienced players over the ones who have genuine spirit.


Harry Kane: A Cruyff-turn and a beautiful shot through Hummels legs kick-starts the English comeback. Photograph: The Sun.

  1. Delle Alli.

Not many nineteen-year-olds take to the pitch against the world champions and run the game like it’s their birthright. Delle Alli did that without a second thought tonight. He may have sat in the number 10 role but he was all over the pitch and acted as much of CDM as he did an attacking force. Khedira was in his back pocket for most of the game and Kroos wasn’t far behind either. The Spurs player even had the chance to get on the score sheet but it wasn’t to be. Based on his performance tonight and his amazing link up play with Harry Kane, it’ll be coming soon.


Victorious: The team celebrates after Spurs’ Eric Dier scores the 91st-minute winner. Photograph: The Telegraph.

  1. High-Pressure Tactics.

England’s XI were eager to take the game to Germany throughout and it’s fair to say that the world champions were shaken by the exuding pressure. Alli, Dier, and Henderson were very much a united front against the German midfield and their constant harassing paid off well, with the Lions feeding off any mishaps throughout. It wasn’t always the most attractive play but a win’s a win and vital part of tonight’s victory was down to avid English pressure.

  1. Wing backs.

This English team had pace to burn, Vardy runs for fun, Welbeck is a demon on the race track but the key runners tonight were Mr. Danny Rose and Mr. Nathaniel Clyne. England’s midfield was able to let both full backs in to exploit Germany’s wings and it certainly resulted in handsome rewards for the Three Lions. Clyne’s cross was exquisitely converted by the Leicester forward  and more than once they were able to pickpocket a few corners from Joachim Löw’s team as the pair made dangerous runs behind the German defence.

  1. Vardy and Kane.

Debut goal: Verdy wheels away from the German goal after slotting home his first international strike. Photograph: The Sun.

Do we need Rooney? Do we need Sturridge? Do we need Sterling? Nah. Kane and Vardy have the pace, the movement and the finishing to win any game. They have the underdog drive and passion that makes them play with an endless energy. They may not have the experience (or the FIFA football stats) but game winners aren’t always the best players on paper, Kane and Vardy are game winners and they score the important goals. If tonight hasn’t proved that then not much will, let’s see what influence their performance has on Hodgson’s final picks.

6. I enjoyed it…?

I can’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed watching England play, they were actually exciting, I got feelings for this game (yeah I said that) but seriously, an exciting England has been hard to come by and tonight was a more than refreshing break.