EP Review: Hope Vista 'Prevail'
Overall Impact

Release Date: 13th November 2015

Genre: Pop Punk

In One Line: Female fronted pop-punk that isn’t like Paramore

Favourite Tracks: Back Against the Wall and Half Past Fine 

Favourite Lyric: ‘…my back was against the wall, my hands were tied, that’s right, I kissed your toxic mouth goodbye.’


Pop-punk returns to its catchy, slick roots in this debut effort from New York based hopeful…

It’s unfortunate that most female-fronted rock projects are almost instantaneously compared to Paramore. It seems that the automatic reaction sees listeners instantly compare any female vocalist to Miss Williams before fully getting to grips with a fresh artist.

With east-coast pop-punk project Hope Vista, there is little danger of a comparison to Paramore and I say that in the most positive sense. Writing and performing most of the music alone (with a little help from Wolf Reiter on drums) Hope Vista has created a smooth, yet pacey and unique brand of pop-punk on this debut release. With most bands of the genre heading towards a raw, hardcore sound, Hope Vista has stood her ground with a sound that leans to the poppy slicked back riffs of All Time Low whilst grinding out rock inspired ballads that would put Halestorm to shame.

From opener 25/8 it’s clear that Hope Vista is not just capable of utilising this blend of genres but is also able to make it catchy as hell. Follow up Back Against The Wall packs a sizeable punch into proceedings and serves as the real crowning glory of the EP. Every band finds that riff, that little passage that gets the crowd going like a shot of adrenaline and if Back Against The Wall doesn’t have it nothing does. ‘…my hands were tied, that’s right, I kissed your toxic mouth goodbye’ it’s also good to know that Hope Vista doesn’t just have the voice or lyrical capacity of a romantic poet but also has some space for the sass.

Whilst the EP begins with a burst of energy it is cut by the arrival of serene ballad Dominance, far from being a weak track, it seems that the slow start to the song takes the pace out of proceedings and deflates the overall aspect of the Prevail. Finisher Half Past Fine does little to bring back the energy of the debut but does much to show off Hope Vista’s musical abilities. A beautiful piano enthused rendition which goes beyond pop-punk in parts and rivals the likes of Adele.

With a debut like this it’s unlikely that Hope Vista is looking anywhere but up. Prevail is a great showcase of what the band is about, the slightly unique edge that the New Yorker carries in her sound and crucially how she can keep developing that sound.

Make sure you keep an ear out, especially when people start comparing bands to Hope Vista and not Paramore.