Lonely The Brave - 'Things Will Matter Review' (Album)
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Lonely The Brave, Britain’s most underrated band, clear the difficult second album hurdle with style.

There aren’t many bands in the rock scene who are undersold. Between Kerrang! and Rock Sound, along with an army of scene kids, it’s likely that the UK’s rock hopefuls are going to have some sort of cult following for their efforts. Unfortunately for Lonely The Brave, their talents seemed to have slipped under the radar in this respect. Perhaps they were not helped when the release of their debut, The Days War, was delayed for years, before its release in 2014. At which time the band were already pining for new material. Somehow, with all this in mind, the Cambridge outfit have managed to drop a follow-up record in good time and it’s an absolute peach.

Lonely The Brave

Things Will Matter: The band discovered kaleidoscopes just before the artwork was decided. Picture: Chuffmedia.com.


To see a band produce stadium-worthy epics on their first album is impressive but to continue banging them out for a second record is noteworthy. Opener Get In The Car is like listening to a slice of someone’s dream, iridescent, trippy and awe-consuming. David Jakes vocals are simply stunning (a consistent theme throughout this record) and somehow all this track needs is the well-timed plucking of a few guitar strings to make it a soul-tingling introduction to Things Will Matter.

Lead single Black Mire does more to cement LTB’s status as purveyors raucous rock anthems. This is classic LTB, massive guitars, thunderous vocals and a chorus that explodes out of the track. It’s a song you want to take to the top of a cliff and scream to the ocean, its one that makes you feel like a giant and, at the same time, the smallest creature in the universe. Maybe I’m going a bit deep but in essence, that is the beauty of this band, they have a quality that just oozes emotion and it bleeds through into every song on this record. Once again Jakes talent is nothing short of mesmerising. It’s one thing to be a good singer but to be an emotive vocalist is what makes this band special and Black Mire is a prime example of that.

Lonely The Brave.

David Jakes: LTBs frontman looking all mysterious in their video for Black Mire. Photo: Dailymotion.com.

Both What If You Fall In and Strange Like I hit home with the same big, epic choruses and rousing sentiment. The latter also has that ramshackle catchy nature to it, one you can’t find with slick pop songs but one that none the less inspires you to sing along like it’s chart-topper. Although it may seem that LTB haven’t moved on from their debut, if anything, they have taken their original sound to the next level with Things Will Matter. Single Radar could be hailed as a real stand out, hinting at a much heavier side to LTB, a pit-rousing, Biffy inspired darkness that wouldn’t look out of place at Download festival.

With the lack of hype around  Lonely the Brave it seems that they may never reap the benefits that their music truly deserves. Personally, I’d have them in every stadium from London to Glasgow but for now, fans could just buy their, really good, record and support them. Who knows, maybe Things Will Matter can mark a distinct change in this band, a change from underrated start-ups to superstars.

In one line: Rock gods in the making.

Best lyrics: ‘What if I said that this ain’t the one? The slicked back curd of the yellow sun’ From Black Mire.

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