News, rumours and speculation over pop-punk trio Blink-182’s current forays into the recording studio have occupied internet space since the departure of guitarist, and founding member, Tom Delonge. ‘Bored to Death’ has broken the silence…

As May 2016 looms into view, the Californian’s have finally given us an insight into their post-Delonge material. ‘Bored to Death’ is a great example of a band picking up right where they left off, with  previous album Neighbourhoods a clear influence but with a certain charm and demeanour that suggests more is to follow. It’s got the gloomy touch of recent releases, its big, it’s as catchy as ever and the bridge is about talking to a girl at a bar. How much more Blink do you want to add to this track huh?

Anyway, key points: Blink are back, new track, new lyric video (press that big triangle at the top of the page) and we also have a massive hint that this could lead to a new album, you may be picking up a copy of one California very soon.