We take a look at the top 5 albums to be released in the coming months…

With this new-fangled, digital age, artists can release music online to their hearts content. It’s instant, it’s quick, it gets the music straight to the fans. This is all well and good, until you’re fifty feet deep in new singles, the front man of your old favourite emo band is throwing side projects at you from every angle and Parker Cannon kicks someone off the stage (I mean, it’s not relevant to the music but it doesn’t help, just pipe down Parker). In deciding whether it’s worth listening to the new Asking Alexandria album and keeping up to date on every single MCR member’s new band (whilst secretly praying that they will reform,) you simply don’t have the time to make a mental note of every awesome new release that is coming your way this year. So I’ve done it for you. I know I’m just sick, I did this out the goodness of my own heart. I got you covered. Here are the top 5 albums to be released in the next few months, what you can expect from them and their pre-released singles.


Architects: Sam Carter and co. in a classic ‘look how metal we are’ promo picture. Photo: unfdcentral.com


Album:  All our Gods Have Abandoned Us.

When: 27th May.

Listen to: A Match Made In Heaven, Gone With the Wind.

Based on the stunning heights of their previous record (Lost Forever // Lost Together) it’s likely that Architect’s will have put together another absolute banger. The Brighton mob cut the bullshit on the last record and went for an all-out, balls to the wall, heavy approach and if they take the same path with this incoming album, we could see a masterpiece emerge. As vocalist Sam Carter has stated, it is the sound of a band ‘leaving everything we had in the studio’ and with the ‘everything’ they possess, it’s certainly not a bad thing. Singles A Match Made in Heaven and Gone With the Wind pertain to this claim, with an unmatchable blend of dark metal and melodic beauty oozing from both tracks. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one.


The Shadow Side: Incredible jaw line. Photo: Itunes.com


Andy Black

Album: The Shadow Side.

When: 6th May.

Listen to: We Don’t Have To Dance

Although I, and many others, would name Black Veil Brides amongst some of the worst artists to ever grace the scene, frontman Andy Biersack’s solo project is still looking rather tasty. Mixing the kind of pop-rock we are used to hearing from Fall Out Boy and Panic! with the dark atmosphere of a macabre night out with Marilyn Manson, Biersack has managed to pump out a select number of catchy tunes. Latest release We Don’t Have To Dance certainly does a lot to silence any doubters and to suggest that this record could really be quite good. Whilst last year’s debut single They Don’t Need To Understand (Ok Andy we get it you don’t need to do anything) lacked any kind of flare, I’m willing to take a punt on this upcoming release.


Good Charlotte: The Madden brothers still insist on matching outfits apparently. Photo: Stereoboard.com

 Good Charlotte

Album: Youth Authority.

When: 15th May.

Listen to: Makeshift Love, 40 oz. dream.

The pop-punk kings resurrected themselves last year with single Makeshift Love, a dazzling throwback to their earlier material and a reminder to everyone that, at some point in their life, they held a very special place in their hearts for Good Charlotte. Follow up 40 oz. Dream is similarly a great display of early noughties pop-punk, tinged with the nostalgia of a band who are completely comfortable with reverting to their old sound. With these two singles in mind, we can only hope that this new record will be a Young and the Hopeless 2.0 extravaganza. We can hope. Either way, we all know that the key chains and DC’s are going to come out for this one.


Mainstage: Lonely The Brave take Reading Festival last year. Photo: Rocksoundtv.com

Lonely, The Brave

Album: Things Will Matter.

When: 20th May.

Listen to: Black Mire, Radars, Rattlesnakes.

You may not be as familiar with Cambridge’s Lonely The Brave but you will be very soon. Cranking out the same kind of epic, awe-inspiring rock that is suited to stadiums and festival headlining slots, the quintet are set to release their second album Things Will Matter in late May. Lead singles Black Mire and Radars have already provoked great reactions online and on the airwaves, with BBC Radio One and Beats One taking an interest. After hitting the main stage at Reading and Leeds 2015, LTB can only get bigger and they are very likely to be topping your ‘favourite band’ list soon. Get listening and make sure you pre-order what is going to be a ground-breaking record in Things Will Matter.


Album: If I’m The Devil…

When: 10th June.

Listen to: Good Mourning, America.

The explosive LA post-hardcore crew have been a little quiet of late but we can assume that they haven’t been sitting idle. In November of last year, the quartet confirmed the recording of their posthumous fourth album and also attributed it with the ominous title If I’m The Devil… before dropping new single Good Mourning, America the other week. As expected, the track bursts with the same raw energy and hardcore infused ferocity that has made Letlive a real force to be reckoned with, whilst throwing in enough groove and funky basslines to challenge a hip-hop outfit. Another classic modern album is on the cards and we can only ponder as to which poor bugger will be the subject of their politically driven tracks. Donald Trump anyone?