I’m sure that if you cast yourself back to when you was 14 years old, you wouldn’t remember being one of Grime’s hottest MC’s videographer, travelling the world, creating your own clothing brand or managing upcoming artists. Let me introduce you to the special individual himself, RileyJH.

If I had to think of someone who “if they’re not working, they’re working”, it doesn’t take long for Riley to come to mind.

At the tender age of 14, Riley has managed to kick start his immense career, wasting no time whatsoever. Spending frequent amounts of time at pirate radio MC sets behind the lens, Riley’s face is without a doubt recognisable, even more so, with a camera in front of his profile.

Also known as the Supreme Younger, Riley is definitely keen to take over and help produce a positive creative future. Last year December, he contributed and held the 18+, REP X ROUNDEL LONDON Event, at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch. Support was not unnoticed, as this young king was able to grab some of the best in the Grime scene, such as AJ Tracey, YGG, Elf Kid and many more, to feature on the line up. Not only that, but the remarkable music video for the track Endz, by UK Grime MC, Novelist, was also recorded by Riley himself, reaching over 250,000 views on YouTube.

The list goes on…rileyyy

Officially Novelist’s cameraman, the ambitious Riley has also been featured in the likes of EX.O Magazine, his event promoted in i-D Magazine, GRM Daily, SBTV and now SpiceUKOnline.

Recognition is key when it comes to showing support to aspiring skilled individuals, especially on such paths to success like Riley.

Before long, we should all hopefully be representing some of the finest garments straight out the “Brockley bits”, as a clothing line exists in the works. Perhaps his own music company is a possibility (if he already hasn’t), as Riley tactfully exposes some of the exclusive talent he is managing and hiding up his Nike hoodie sleeve.

If that’s not enough,

Riley gives us a sneak peak on Instagram, of what could alternatively be captioned as “The Future”. Without a single doubt, Riley is on the come up.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 18.18.35

If he’s not working, he’s working.

I also had the chance to catch up with Riley here.