Amongst the blood, sweat and tears which are put into the passionate performances of artists, lies the steady hands of striving photographers aiming for the perfect picture. Whether it’s globally known festivals or pirate radio sets, spotting Ben Walsh’s  lens isn’t hard to find.


 Ben Walsh , with a pretty cool job of saving people’s lives also, carries the ambitious strive for capturing the most memorable moments of Grime history. Attending regular Grime MC Cyphers and raw underground talent shows, has enabled Walsh to engage in the upcoming flames of what the Grime scene has to offer.



Such unique shots have grasped the connection between the energy existing between the performers and audience. Walsh has consistently managed to not only take photographs of those in action, but win over the genuine interest of those backstage, not afraid to pose for the likes of Walsh’s talent.



The camera doesn’t hold itself, which leads me to explain the legitimate positivity which Walsh spreads with his spectacular work. It is always a pleasure to meet with the personality who allows their work to introduce themselves. For me, a signature in the corner of an imagine isn’t enough, so meeting and shooting with the guy himself was a must.



Versatility is also a key trait which Ben Walsh Photos includes, with incredible images of this year’s Wireless Festival 2016.



The grind which I am witnessing Ben Walsh take part in is contagious, with many significant names in the music and media field eager to know what he is all about, as well as the possibility of being able to work with the genius himself.

Think of this post as a tiny exhibition of what Walsh has to offer and a glimpse of the near future in a clear, handheld, organic, fresh view.

He truly does take photo’s, listen to Grime and collect Air Max