As May draws to an end, a new chapter opens for the creative, refreshing UK taken, DeeRiginal. Not only did he celebrate his birthday this month, but he also gave those fond of his music (like me), a gift from him to us, with his raw, spectacular, #MAYDAY EP.


At the embracing age of 20, DeeRiginal has managed to not only share his immense knowledge, but produce epic creations along his progressive journey.

With the EP stretching over thousands of speakers as you read, DeeRiginal, in between the release, not long ago summed up, what he describes as his “Radio Hat-trick”. Bringing his Vibe, reaching over 4000 plays on Soundcloud, to the likes of Radar Radio and IMINRADIO, DeeRiginal describes his passion for what he loves doing best, whether it’s mixing up real, relatable sounds, or a fiery game of Blackjack.

Not only this, but this recent project, produced by the genius, Analogue, wouldn’t have been as highly anticipated if it wasn’t for the promising tracks from DeeRiginal’s 18th Summer, full of his very own treasured moments and visionary ideas.

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DeeRiginal is on the come up to say the least. He’s owned the likes of the IAMNEXT stage, kept consistent with quality music, with Oh Mary being just one of the massive tracks that will have you loving and replaying each and every song and enhanced his original qualities along the way.

Confident, charismatic and definitely NOT conscious, DeeRiginal’s authentic persona is difficult to not be taken back by (in a good way of course). Opening up GUAP Magazine’s Cypher , it is evidently clear that DeeRiginal was more than correct when stating “grew up in a block but luckily the block never blocked my vision”.

Although the EP is available online, a live experience would be just as great right? Well, fortunately, these possibilities have been made a reality, as you can catch DeeRiginal showcasing #MAYDAY live at Hoxton Square Bar on 4th June, as well as being included on the annual, diverting Lewisham People’s Day 2016 line up.

It’s guaranteed to be a vibe.

I also had the pleasure of chatting with DeeRiginal here.