If you’re eager to know who is next to catch everyone’s attention in the UK music scene, I can guarantee MR I AM NEXT is one step ahead, booking them for his next event line up. MR I AM NEXT, I AM NEXT Founder, Presenter, and food lover (as he describes himself), has definitely got way more love for the organic talent scattered across London, which he passionately pushes through his very own platform.

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With core help from his #NEXT team, support doesn’t stop there. Having attended numerous I AM NEXT events, I wish that the founder Himself, would invite me on the winning team. What’s special about this creative individual is the genuine faith that UK Hip Hop, Grime and Alternative artists have in MR I AM NEXT and the extraordinary platform which has allowed many acts to elevate and gain the confidence which they deserve to carry on their desired careers.


Along with these many other spontaneous ideas, MR I AM NEXT has created a #NEXT “London takeover”. Recognising the bold logo is becoming second nature, especially when it shadows some of London’s jaw opening talent on stage. With the likes of Lola Young and J Flowz turning up at this month’s Feel Good Festival, it’s quite tricky to not want to keep updated on when the next showcase is. One thing to keep in mind when at a #IAMNEXT event is to expect the unexpected. Keeping typical British weather in mind is vital, especially at the I AM NEXT Cook Up, not resulting in the same summery anticipated vibes, but still – good food and good music huddled up in a shed blaring out heavy hip hop. I can feel your jealousy from here already.

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A watermelon in one hand and shaking somebody else’s with the other; MR I AM NEXT is on his way up for sure. Just as you think a line up including Che LingoFlyBoyKenkz or House of Pharaohs can’t be topped, another cheeky image is revealed on social media. The I AM NEXT platform is not to be slept on. Witnessing the contagious work ethic which is put in to these events makes not going seem like committing a crime. I AM NEXT is always on the go (just like it’s founder), and its reliable platforms like this which need to be recognised, in order for everyone involved to prosper.


The rest is down to you. To follow MR I AM NEXT on his come up, make sure you follow the platform on EVERYTHING (when I said he’s taking over I really meant it). Now making documentaries with his “This is LDN” series on YouTube, catch a rare glance of the I AM NEXT founder himself or spot him in person on the 23rd July at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane – one not to be missed.

iamnext line up

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