Drake, Boy Meets World Tour (Review)- 1st Feb @ London O2 Arena

I’VE been a fan of Drake for years, so in typical fangirl fashion, I can get a little defensive towards newer Drake fans who swear that “Controlla” was like, the highlight of Drake’s career.

That said, if I had expectations of screaming teens in an assortment of Adidas trainers, I was wrong. Truth be told, I was half-correct about the Adidas, but the demographic at Drake’s Boy Meets World concert was perhaps the most surprising aspect. Families, thirty-somethings who hadn’t had the time to change out of their office attire, and cool indie kids aplenty, who would’ve been more typically suited to a 1975 concert, but felt right at home with Drake.

And feeling right at home was something that Drake (literally) kept reminding his audience throughout the show. “London, I feel right at home,” he crooned in the tune of “Feel No Ways.” He even held up a Union Jack which he probably got from the tourist shop around the corner, but 10/10 for effort.

Drake’s patriotism didn’t stop there, bringing Section Boyz and Giggs onto the stage, who the London crowd went mad for


Other special guests included Young Thug and Travis Scott, and yes, I did bare witness to the comical moment when Travis Scott mistook the gaping hole in the centre stage as a makeshift trampoline.

One good thing to come out of Travis Scott’s lack of spatial awareness was that the giant luminous orange globe that was supposed to emerge from the hole later in the show, was broken. I say “good” because Drake vowed to refund everyone’s ticket as compensation. “You know what I hate? Mistakes,” he said to the crowd, “we made a mistake, so I’m refunding everyone their tickets. I don’t give a f*ck about money.”

If I’d have known this, I would have paid to go VIP.

Regardless of the incident that will inevitably make history, the moment where Young Thug and Travis Scott reeled off hits such as “pick up the phone” and “Antidote” was definitely when the atmosphere was most lit.

Talking of lit, Drake loves lights. And lots of them. I believe he even sang to a giant orange one at one point, although I failed to catch photo evidence of this, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Seriously, though, whoever raided Ikea to plan that lighting sequence deserves a medal, or at least a promotion to chief lighting person, or something. The lighting during “Hotline Bling” was so intense, it was difficult to tell whether you had been transported to a universe that only exists inside of Drake’s head or just really, really high.

If there’s one thing Drake wanted his audience to be, it’s high on life. He performed all of his mosh-pit worthy bangers and didn’t let the mood drop even once. I stumbled out of the o2 feeling like I’d just endured a spin class- do you know how difficult it is to jump to every “jump” in “Jumpman?”

This is not to say I wasn’t slightly disappointed that he didn’t include some of his older hits- “Successful” was the only throwback that made it onto the set list. Boy Meets World was definitely a tour to appeal to his newer fans, i.e. everyone on the planet, but this didn’t make the vibe any less electric or make him any less of the Drake we know and love.