All girls with kinks and curls know our hair does not fare well in winter. The cold literally sucks our hair dry of moisture, leading to a snowball effect of split ends and breakages. Not to mention the only people who ever look good with windswept hair are Victoria’s Secret models.

If you happen to not be a VS angel, and are ready to put away the beanie that doesn’t fit over your ‘fro anyway, here’s our guide to the best protective hairstyles out there, as chosen by the Spice UK gals:


1. Box Braids

“I wore box braids during the summer, but there is no reason why they can’t be rocked all year round. Box braids are by far my fave protective style. They’re edgy, versatile and super easy to maintain with a little TLC. I used extensions for mine with flashes of blonde for a summery look, but at the moment, I’m loving KeKe Palmer’s (right) deep red braids -” Georgia

2. Crochet Braids

“This protective style is fun, quirky and full of life. An alternative to a traditional sew-in weave, this protective style allows you to run your hands through your hair and actually feel your scalp do you know how satisfying that feels? They’re super versatile, and with a life span of 2-6 weeks, you’re never stuck in a style rut. A winner for those on a budget, they’re also inexpensive, whether you install them yourself (check out these DIY videos here) or get them done at the salon. Give your hair a break and embrace the crochet braids!”- Beatrice

3. Wigs

“Wigs are the ultimate lazy-girl hairstyle, especially for those like me whose braiding abilities are definitely not on point. I love half-wigs because you can blend them in with your natural hair and they cost about half as much. My favourite website for wigs is because they are one of few sellers that ship from the UK, so no sky-rocketing shipping fees”- Georgia

4. Ghana Braids

“I’ve not quite mastered the wig life, so for now, Kanekalon hair is my go to. I saw the least breakage and most growth with Ghana braids. Make them your own and style it with cute gold braid beads”- Rashida

5. The High Pony

“Also a Kanekalon purchase, this look is sleek, easy, and most importantly-  Zendaya approved-” Rashida

6. The Turban

“Okay, not technically a hairstyle, but a funky turban will add a splash of colour to those grey, miserable IDGAF days and give your hair a much-needed break. Check out this super easy tutorial.-” Jess

7. Bantu Knots

“Bantu Knots have been appropriated by everyone from Marc Jacobs to punk rockers, but we all know that black girls do it best. I love them because they’re actually super easy (this tutorial walks you through it) and you’re left with cute ringlets for days once you’ve taken them out-” Zara