Review: Your Mum's House @ XOYO
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Your Mum’s House, London’s most notorious hip-hop club night, gets a grown-up makeover 

IT’s safe to say that I wasted my university days to listen to DJs plug in a bog-standard Spotify playlist to satisfy the masses. It has therefore been a relief to find a foolproof club night that does what promises banger after banger of RnB, hip-hop and practically every niche in between.

Held every Thursday night at Shoreditch’s XOYO, a club so edgy it has now become ironic,  Your Mum’s House promises “jaw dropping performances and London’s craziest mid-week vibe,” warning party goers “it may be Your Mum’s House, but nobody’s on their best behaviour.”

Although marketed as a student night, since moving out of their tiny basement location of The Nest in Dalston earlier this year, Your Mum’s House has brought with it a older,  more sophisticated London crowd, practically rid of university students who claim to know all the words to Gangsta’s Paradise.

The specialist taste of tunage ranging from old-school hip-hop, garage, trap and  grime means that the crowd it attracts are mostly here for the music. It’s a stuffy but friendly environment, where you can have the time of your life dancing on your own without caring who’s watching.

Whilst its missing the dark and mysterious vibes of The Nest, where you struggled to see anything bar the mysterious wafting incense that nobody ever enquired about, XOYO offers much more space with a stage at the front of the room, giving you enough space to twerk, shuffle and slide to your heart’s content. The lighting pumps energy into the dancefloor as it bounces off all four corners of the room and the DJ seems to be having as much fun, if not more, than the crowd themselves.

The bars and surrounding seating areas remained pretty much empty as every song, even a surprise bassline remix of Jhene Aiko’s iconic ballad The Worst, was begging to be grooved to. Take heed that this night sees more mosh pits than you could shake a Reading Festival indie kid at, but they’re easily avoidable if you don’t want to partake and you should probably say your final goodbyes to your friends if you do.

The only downside is, it’s only open until 3am and it’s the first club night I’ve been to in a while that I haven’t wanted to leave for a late night McDonald’s trip.

Your Mum’s House isn’t for those who aren’t brave enough to revel in mayhem on a weekday night. But for those who want to club carefree and rap their heart out to Biggie and spit bars to Giggs, you may just have found your new home.

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