Pictures taken by Henrie

“Queen of Hoxton, by way of Sanctuary LDN, gave an intimate show yesterday that still shook the roof.

It’s always great when the warm-up acts are just as energetic and well received as the headline. Darkz and J Flowz were the introductory performers who not only had their individual fans who had come to support the, but won ever the entire crowd by the end of their sets. J Flowz took things up a notch or two by jumping on the bar to perform! He had just come off his tour in Asia and was definitely channelling those vibes. Although initially it was a shock, the crowd was won over by his energy, that never faltered – not even a little.

TE Dness then took the stage along with some friends and absolutely killed his set. Without a doubt, he is one of the artists to look out for, although it’s crazy if you haven’t heard of him already because’s everywhere and about to take over. His kept the crowd hyped throughout his set and even Ghetts said he was a fan! Hope to see TE Dness at more live shows.

Then finally, the headline act of the night arrived: Ghetts. He completely shelled it, as expected. He’s been someone I’ve wanted to see ever since I was young – and being a Channel U baby, he has always been on of my favourite Grime acts. Seeing Ghetts live opened my eyes to the amount of stage presence he has. Not only is he a great lyricist, but yesterday he showed he was a great dancer, a natural entertainer and even a comedian of sorts. A set from him had everyone in the crowd sweating! At one point he even gave the mic to a member of the audience, who spat a whole 16 from one of Ghetts’ tracks. As well as taking us back to his ‘Artillery’ days, he gave us “You Dun Know Already” and his “One Take” freestyle that set everyone off. Absolute scenes.

Ghetts grime
Ghetts grime smiling
Ghetts grime artist
Ghetts dun know already
TE Dness at Queen of Hoxton
Ghetts at Sanctury