What To Watch: Autumn TV

I’ve trawled all that TV has to offer, so that you don’t have to. (You’re welcome.) No matter your taste in TV, there’s something on the small screen that’s bound to be of appeal. Of course I’ve including Netflix in this because Netflix is my long-suffering significant other and we no longer do anything apart, but there’s plenty to watch elsewhere if you’re not a Netflix native.

If you’re an Adventure Aficionado

There is SO much on offer for you. Netflix has heaps to offer in this genre but on a less adventurous and largely more comical note is E4’s new show Chewing Gum. Only one episode has aired so far so there’s little-to-no commitment involved. (Yet.) Of course there’s also all The Hobbit movies and the Part 1 of Mockingjay currently streaming on Netflix if you like your adventure feature length and full of famous faces.

Warner Bros./Tumblr

If you’re a Fantasy Fanatic

Like your shows tied up with sparkly bows, lovesick bros and a whole heap of Disney-related drama? Once Upon a Time might be exactly what you’re looking for. Speaking of Fantasy, Heroes Reborn is being buzzed about a bit on Twitter and though it’s technically more sci-fi than fantasy, BBC’s Orphan Black has made a triumphant comeback and is well worth a watch.


If you’re Dead-set on Drama

Wave goodbye to civilisation as you now and get prepared to lock in to some top TV. Homeland returns with its 5th Season on Channel 4 and both the BBC and ITV have new chilling dramas currently airing, From Darkness and Unforgotten respectively. Definitely worth catching up with Doctor Foster too – you might learn some very valuable lessons in how to deal with cheating boyfriends if you do…


If you Love to Laugh

E4 is your dream come true. Headed by the incomparable Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project is a class act when it comes to creating both the romantic and comedic elements of any modern day rom-com. New Girl is on hand if you prefer a bit more physical comedy, with a fair amount of vocal playtime courtesy of Ms Deschanel. It seems Big Bang Theory might also be heading back to E4 in the coming months but let’s not leave out the genius that is Graham Norton, whose chat show has returned and offers comedy with slices of celeb-induced chattiness. Mock The Week might be nearing the end of its current run but previous episodes are available on iPlayer if you like your humour fast-paced and highly witty.

BBC/via Tumblr

If you’re a Culture Vulture

Like to feel suitably educated when watching TV? Then there are some gems you need to (re)discover. The BBC is currently airing another series of Who Do You Think You Are and has some incredibly family histories being explored. My personal favourite so far has been Anita Rani’s episode but all are worth a watch if you’re historically inclined. BBC3 has aired a few worthwhile programmes on race and racism recently, perfect if you’re warring to put the world to rights. Other notable offerings include Fruitvale Station which is currently on Netflix. It’s technically a film but I’m still not over it so I need everyone else to watch it stat and help me decompress. ‘Kay, thanks. Also worthy of note, Channel 4 aired My Transgender Kid this past week which was an absolute diamond of a show. Don’t let the somewhat cavalier title put you off: it’s a must watch no matter your knowledge on transgender topics.

Lastly, notable Newbies on Netflix

With American Horror Story: Hotel currently airing in the US, it’s rumoured that Season 4 – AHS: Freak Show – will be dropping on Netflix in the coming weeks. Seasons 1 and 2 of teen drama Reign are also currently streaming and new Netflix original Scream has just been released, just in time for Halloween. Talk about tactical TV.