So I’ve always had a problem with wearing colours on my lips and recently I’ve become a bit more adventurous but I’m still not there yet, so I can always rely on a good old nude colour and I wanted to talk about a colour I recently picked up in the last week or so.

The MAC amplified -double shot colour was a limited collection lipstick which was promoted to permanent collection a few years ago.It’s a brownish colour with hints of pink and mauve, it has a nude brown undertone but isn’t really a nude nude lips kind of colour however it’s very natural making it really easy to wear on a daily basis.

The texture of this lipstick is super creamy and is really hydrating which is perfect for those of you who suffer from dry lips. The colour is really pigmented and comes across as near enough opaque on first application but for longer lasting colour I would apply 2-3 swipes.

The product is £15 pounds and is available on line and in stores. It’s suitable for a variety of skin tones and from using it doesn’t cause any rashes or reactions on the skin and lips.