I suffer from oily skin and it’s the worst. People with dry skin always wish they had oily skin and those of us with oily skin always wish we had dry skin but I’m telling you managing oily skin us a task and a half. When I first discovered make up, I was piling on all these products and wasn’t looking after my skin which just lead to more and more oil building up and a matte face would only last about 30 minutes before oil would start seeping out of my T zone. So I began making a few changes and the first thing I did was:

  • I started washing my face every day and night. Due to my sensitive skin I do use the Clean and clear oil free exfoliating daily wash which is affordable and really cleans
    es my skin, however if you aren’t on such a budget I would advise you look into brands such as Clinique which have amazing face washes for oily based skin.

One big theory that a lot of people get told is that if you have oily skin you should moisturise your skin and hydrate your skin but this has not been 100% proven to reduce oil.


So what I would recommend is a product which I use as a primer called Milk of magnesium. Now some people say this is really bad for your skin but it depends on each person it works really well for me due to the extent of oil that my skin produces but it will not work for everyone as would any product. Furthermore I don’t use it everyday as I know its main intention is not to go on the skin. However when I do use it I get flawless results. If you have tried milk of magnesia and you want to spend a bit more money on a similar product I would suggest Becca Ever-matte Priming Perfector. You will have to order this primer online if you are in the UK and it is around £30 but I have tried samples of it and it is really good and once a family member goes to America i’m definitely going to get them to purchase it.

  • Finally my last tip is so simple but VITAL make sure you wipe your make up off before you sleep. If you don’t oil will build up overnight due to the products on your skin. So by wiping it off, it will generally decrease the oil your skin is producing if done regularly.

Let me know if you have any tips which may help me decrease the amount of oil your skin produces and comment of you have any questions!