For once in my life I want to be happy for myself, not be happy because I bought the newest trainers but be happy in myself, I don’t want to be built on other people’s happiness! I want to be built on my own.

You and I should wake up happy, why? Because we are alive, we are breathing and that’s all you need in this world. Of course money makes the world go round but if everything was taken away today and everyone was given the same clothes, the same amount of pocket money would you be happy?

If no then your building your happiness in things what are only designed to break, you need to be happy like a baby, for no reason! You have to guard your happiness but not forgetting to show happiness to give of a breath of fresh air allowing people to find there happiness.

We take for granted waking up, roof over our head, food on the table and here and there a bit extra money. Some people don’t always have the above but there happy, you see them and they smile, you see them and there willing to get involved, you see them and nothing can take there happiness away.


Why are we letting our happiness drift away? It’s drifting away because we are not living life how it should be. It’s not about the biggest house or biggest cars, cos at the end of the day we all bleed the same, all cry the same and all end up in the same ground. Being rich doesn’t make you any superior, OK you can buy what you want but you can’t buy happiness and I believe that’s the only thing you need to survive this cruel world.

When family and friends are dying around you no millions is going to bring them back but the love and the happiness will allow you to reminisce all the amazing memories you had together!

I believe you are amazing, you are so beautiful and you are scared to be yourself because this world is trying to shape and conform you! Well don’t let it…

Be yourself. Be happy.