I’m Giving Up Social Media To Be More Social

I have had social media for years now, but recently for the past few weeks I’ve been debating if I should keep it. Well I have just deleted it so now all the contact I have is a mobile!

For the past 2 months I have had a problem with my phone. Cut a long story short it would only work around Wi-Fi, so I would only be using it in my house, at University or at a friend’s house. There are so many pictures and quotes on how our phones and social media take over our lives and killing all the communication we have with each other, and the past 2 months I have seen it so much! When out with people I’ve realised that everyone is more on their phones then not and I don’t want to fall back in that trap. I want to meet up with the people I love and care for and give them my full attention rather than being on my phone and ignoring the people I care about.



Another reason why I don’t think social media is good is because I feel it is so controlling. If we are all honest we go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter at least a few times a day. If we have a spare few minutes we will check, if we are on the bus (with a friend you could talk too) we will check. Then it dawned on me that I am in my 3rd year at University, with a few dreams, and how am I going to achieve anything great when I am more focused on other people’s lives then my own! I’m looking at what people are liking and sharing rather than studying or making plans.

I’m not saying everyone should delete the social networking sites because I will agree that in some cases there amazing, but I feel that sometimes in our lives that it is needed to give them up, so you can focus on yourself and develop yourself and push yourself to where you want to be!