Hey guys, so this weeks post is gonna be a bit special! Following a spate of twitter spats and Snapchat story disses the beef between veteran grime MC’s has finally erupted with both Dot Rotten and P Money producing diss tracks!

Dot Rotten – Organised Grime

Dot was first to strike, unleashing his “Organised Grime” dub to kick off proceedings! Over a minimalistic beat from Zeph Ellis, the track opens slowly until Dot lets loose a slew of bars in frenetic style. The instrumental here is slow and brooding with airy vocals and sparse production, with Dot’s rapid flow over the top it gives the track a deep introspective vibe rather than being aggressive. Dot’s flow is urgent, energetic, but ultimately controlled; it’s a perfect vocal performance as expected from an MC of this calibre, but this does have some drawbacks. It’s difficult to actually catch any of the punchlines that Dot sends as he jumps on the next bar as soon as he’s spat the previous one. In terms of a diss track this takes away from any impact that the lyrics have as you’d probably have to listen to this over and over again to catch all the references; not giving the immediacy you want from a diss track! As for lyrics Dot’s rhymes are hard “I just, visualise my pen as a pistol/I found my target, hold heat and bang it/Blade to your face your gold teeth can have it/Remove your spirit, soul, ether, challenge”, “I’m in war with a respected sideman/I’ma kill P and let forensics find man/I’ll batter this bitch like P when he batters his bitch this shit’s called domestic violence”

P Money – Real Talk

So of course P Money had to respond! Now let’s start this off by taking stock, “Real Talk” is not an individual release, it’s going to be apart of his “Snakes” EP dropping Friday 14th. This in itself is an excellent shot at Dot, P Money is using this track to help promote his new EP this beef is just a side thing for him. The beat, produced by Thomas Mellor, is equally mellow as in Dot’s track but doesn’t lend the track an introspective feel. Instead P Money’s controlled but aggressive flow takes over the track. Now the biggest comparison between both dubs is that on this track I can actually hear the punchlines. P makes it completely clear what he is saying and wastes no time in letting Dot know that he considers himself the better mc “And you can come with a punchline verse/Nothing surprises me when you write for me/’Cause I can hear what I taught you/Stormer was there when I showed you what punchlines were”.  Alongside this there are shots about Dot using a program to write bars for him “Let’s see what your fans are gonna think when/You finally admit that you use Master Writer” that Dot’s partner is cheat on him and that everybody knows about it “She was beating man that you might call bro/Your closers are thinking “Woah, this is peak”/Her Snapchat’s got too many streaks” and to finish it all off calls out Dot on the claims he’s made “All you’re doing is talking about what you think you would do to me and wanna do to me and rumours that ain’t true, bro
It’s air/I’m stating real life facts, that people around you know and will back up”.

Verdict – Dot Rotten: 0 – P Money: 1

I have to say P Money is the clear winner here! He delivers absolutely savage shots that directly target Dot and his career and are delivered absolutely perfectly. In comparison Dot’s bars are generic and toothless, something P Money actually calls him out on, and whilst his flow is textbook perfection it lacks the impact to actually deliver any punchlines, again something P Money calls him out on. So Round one to P here, let’s see if Dot will respond and what’ll happen next with this beef, no doubt Grime fans are in for a treat!