So this is the first edition of my brand new, shiny weekly feature here on SpiceUK. I’ll be filling you guys in on what I’ve been listening to each week, giving my opinions on the tracks that have made an impression on me (be it good or bad) and  my top music pick of the week. Please feel free to send me you’re opinions, comments and general musical thoughts via twitter. Without further ado let’s get into this weeks post!

What have I been listening to?

Unless you’ve been lying under a bridge you’ll be aware that last weekend Glastonbury Festival took place. Now whilst I (unfortunately) was not at the festival itself I did spend most of my time over the weekend watching back set’s from the festival. This being me I obviously went straight for the grime sets; with Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Stormzy, Kano and BBK all having high billing at the festival this has to be the best representation grime has ever got at the UK’s biggest festival. All of them absolutely smashed their sets; further reinforcing their status as some of the most energetic and exhilarating live performers the UK has to offer!

Watch sets from Glastonbury via the BBC here

What’s been good?

Ramal Rafiki – Lately

Ramal Rafiki is a 23 year old rapper and producer hailing from Manchester, Lately is one of three tracks so-far released from his debut EP “ACT 1, SCENE 1”, due to be released on July 14th. What I love about this track is the sheer uniqueness of it; It’s rap but doesn’t fit into the standard UK Rap or Grime template. Simply put I don’t know how I’d exactly define it, all I know is that it’s an absolute banger and I cannot wait to hear more!

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Don Haze – Immortal Vibe

This pick comes to you all of the way from Philadelphia USA! Don Haze is the founder of HILVL CO a record label and lifestyle brand set to take over your soundcloud plays! Having overcome adversity and the death of his mother, the drive that has led Haze to this point is evident in his debut track; Immortal Vibe sounds like the future of trap music. The beat is off-kilter and trippy and matched with Haze’s effortless but confident wordplay; alongside fellow HILVL artist Ree Santana, Haze seems set to become a big name soon!

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What’s been bad?

Quavo – “ATL”

As a member of the Atlanta-Trap behemoth that is Migos, as well as the man behind some of the best features in modern music you’d think that a solo album from Quavo would be up there with the best of the year, right? Wrong! Thing is ther’s no denying that Quavo is superb when it comes to delivering hooks and that his vocals are amazing in the right places. But a whole album of Quavo just doesn’t cut it, it kinda lacks substance to be honest and is just a shadow of Migos amazing, genre defining, album “Culture” released earlier this year, to be honest I think I wasn’t really expecting this to be any good anyway so it pretty much lived up to my expectations. Finally as a Migos fan I’ll end by repeating the thought that everyone must have had when listening to this, give Takeoff his own solo album instead!

Top Pick for the week?

Brotherhood – Repeat 

Last Friday, UK grime duo Brotherhood released their debut album Flvd, and guess what? It’s absolutely incredible! I first discovered Brotherhood late last year and honestly could not believe what I had been missing. Every track on the album is jam-packed with heavy-hitting wordplay and rapid fire flows but it’s opening track Repeat that immediately grabbed my attention; an mind-opening message, an addictively catchy chorus and both MC’s absolutely killing their verses! Altogether it makes for an impressive combination, definitely not one to sleep on!

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