What Have I Been Listening To?

So I’ll be honest, life has been hectic recently! I’ve got serious exams coming up so the majority of my time has been spent revising (that’s right over summer). But one thing I have made time for is listening to music, literally all the time, it’s definitely getting me through exam revision.

Recently I’ve been going through a massively patriotic music phase, as in I can barely listen to an American artist at the moment without getting bored and switching over to UK Rap, Grime or even British Indie.

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But in and amongst this I have discovered American music that I actually find interesting via US Hip-Hop collective BROCKHAMPTON. The group deliver an edgy, alternative take on Rap music that’s a welcome change from the trap sound that currently dominates American music. The youthful energy that BROCKHAMPTON bring is reminiscient of early Odd Future in a very good way, I can defintely see BROCKHAMPTON becoming a major force in the years to come.

What’s been good?

AJ Tracey – “Blacked Out”

Another solid banger from AJ, complete with a new EP and tour announcement!

Dappy – “Straight Facts”

A deep, introspective freestyle here from Dappy! It’s far from the hyperactive energy we know from Dappy’s N-Dubz heyday but Dappy is still on top form here.

What’s been bad?

MDotR – BL@CKBOX Freestyle

This honestly left me speechless, I really don’t know what to say! I doubt anyone hasn’t seen this yet, but if you haven’t brace yourself! Be sure to check the comments on the youtube video, some are absolute genius!

This weeks top-pick

Chip – “34 Shots”

Chip’s new album “League Of My Own II” drops next Friday (11th August), adding to the already impressive catalogue of UK grime albums already released this year. “34 Shots” is the 4th song released thus far from the new album and at this rate Chip looks like he’s definitely giving every other MC something to think about.

Is there anything else I should be listening to? You can tell me via twitter @neverbeenin or email