Designer Minki Cheng creates for the bold contemporary woman by creating a dialogue with his audience through nostalgic feelings, memories and images that resonate with them. Cheng has a strong focus on experimental fabrics and unconventional materials, showing a progressive aspect to his designs.

The Minki woman is versatile, using the city as her playground. She is conversant with the edgy, forward thinking and creative scene but also enjoys being swept away by the beauty and refinement of the lavish. Strong, independent with a delicate side, her Minki wardrobe allows her to travel through the cities differences staying true to her aesthetic.

This was clear in the AW17 collection entitled Gone Fishin’- the continuation of a journey. The collection envisioned changing from one mode to another through differing experiences. Dressed in a breath of quality textiles, Minki effortlessly balances feminity, strength and a sense of fluidity.

This collection focused on symbolising the brightly coloured, complex and construction of life and resembled the binary distinctions between the beauty of nature and the brutality of city life.

With the title Gone Fishin’, the fisherman stripe is a gentle nod to heritage and tradition in the AW17 collection. This made an appearance in the form of classic Brittany-stripe jerseys combined with elevated and bold shirtings. A captivating fish lure print on silk, wavy seams and gathered fabrics kept to the concept of fishing and ‘soul searching’.

Take a look at the rest of the collection below: