New York is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, but somehow, it becomes even more crazy when Fashion Week comes around. A gallery in lower Manhattan was the scene for Lisa N. Hoang’s first ever debut show, which left onlookers blown away and finished with a roar of applause from the room. She created couture and ready to wear designs that are transitional, as the pieces can be disassembled into individual pieces for the consumers personal taste and wardrobe.

Hoang immersed herself into the fashion industry at 14, when she secured her first ever fashion internship. By 17 years old she was an emerging designer in Charlotte Seen Fashion Week and by 21 she won her first People’s Choice Award. Californian raised, the culture there influences her design and aesthetic and also her love of haute couture.

Every piece attempts to overcome the idea and the quality of fast fashion, each design pushed the boundaries of already established fashion principles, the clothes nod at traditional womenswear and evening garments but still embrace the modern era, shown through her daring designs and cuts.

The show was started with a sheer lace shift dress, with elegant detailing covering the model in the right places. Each piece was a mix of daring, elegant and striking.



The mix of sheer and lace was used throughout, whether just as a minuet detailing or simply draped over the models body and flowing gracefully behind, creating something so simple, yet incredibly effective and sexy.



Sheer was a constant theme of material throughout the catwalk debut, with various models sporting it either alone or layered over other statement materials such as denim.



My favourite piece was a floor length dress with cut out detailing, mesh skirting and denim flowered detail. I felt like it belonged on a Miu Miu catwalk or something, as it was filled with vibrancy and had that quirky flare that the label holds. It stood out against the other looks as it was a bizarre mix of white suit trousers with a custom mesh skirt layered over, something that has been absent from any catwalk I have been to. Although this was not something you would particularly wear for everyday, it was one of many pieces that had the audience talking, staring and applauding.



Piping detail on oversized mesh skirts appeared again later on in the catwalk, this time a bit more mellow and created almost a skirt skeleton type look over a grey stone dress. The mix of full material and sheer was perfect, as sometimes this can look cheap and trashy, whereas Hoang created a look with an essence of class and elegance.

Hoang’s love for couture fashion was clear to see, as extravagant luxury gowns were a key feature throughout her debut collection. Again, lace detail gave the look a daring feel, but the dark black and full trailing silk skirt settled the look in couture feel.



As well as satin and sheer, denim was a key material used in her Spring /Summer collection for 2017, as many of the catwalk looks featured the classic material that will always be timeless in fashion.


Hoang has another collection planned, but isn’t certain whether  she will show in February or wait until next September as she is a senior in college and she graduates in May, so trying to balance another production may be difficult.

She said, “It’s been a surreal experience, I still can’t believe that it happened.”

“A lot of people told me I couldn’t do it but I did it anyway. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”