Because Valentine’s Day is for singletons too 

1. Go to the cinema

I know, I know, the cinema seems like the worst place possible for singletons to go on V-Day, but hear me out. Round up your most single friends, and embrace your inner child by watching the LEGO Batman Movie or Sing. Or, if you’re feeling particularly immature, make fun of all the couples awkwardly watching Fifty Shades Darker. 

2. Throw a singles-only party

It sounds a lot sadder than it actually is, but it’s a proven fact that single people have the most fun on a night out. Beyonce’s Single Ladies is a mandatory pre-drink song, obviously.

3. Treat yo’self

New shoes? Why not. Spa day? Ah, what the heck. Why wait for someone else to buy you cheap flowers and chocolate when you can splash the cash on yourself? You don’t even have to blow the bank- relax with a hot bubble bath or curl up with your favourite book to banish any singleton-blues.

4. We are Family

Cousins, nieces, nephews… the babysitting opportunities are in abundance on Valentine’s Day. Go wild and spend their parents’ money on junk food and Bounce Revolution. Alternatively, if they’re little brats, send them to bed early and hijack their parents’ Netflix account.

5. Spread the love

Singletons are stronger together. Give your single long-distance bestie or your wacky aunt a call and spread the single love.

6. Embrace the single life

After being single for 5-6 years of my life (maybe more, it’s hard to keep track of these things), the question I often ask myself is “why?” My advice to you is to stop asking yourself that question. You’re great, being single is great. Why not make a list of 20 reasons why single life is so great, and you’ll soon realise that the pros far outway the cons!

7. Start a new hobby

New year’s resolution to learn a take up yoga gone down the toilet will all the others of January’s hopes and dreams? Well dig it back out again because starting V-Day, you will begin your journey to become the master of yoga, and no last minute dinner plans or domestic rows can stop you.

8. Binge watch like your life depended on it

Fact: you will never need anyone special in your life if you have a Netflix account. You could be gazing into the eyes of Idris Elba one minute, and Ryan Gosling the next. What more could you want?

9. Get Theatrical

Grab some friends and just be thankful that your love life didn’t end up like Romeo and Juliet’s.

10. Make plans, take names

Valentine’s Day is the day when singletons get to be 100% selfish. Book that holiday, dye your hair sea-green, make a career plan. Whether it’s spontaneous or strategic, just go for it.

One of the most important things I’ve learnt n life is that we need to love ourselves before we love anyone else. So this Valentine’s Day, love yourself and treat yourself. Be your own Valentine.