If you enjoyed Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter’s version of Sweeney Todd then you are sure to love the stage version of this classic slash happy flick.

Sweeny Todd is easily one of the most popular and well-loved Sondheim musicals, and most people will be familiar with the story of the sadistic barber and part-time serial killer and his human pie-making partner in crime, Mrs Lovett.

With stellar performances from both Hugh Maynard and Sophie Louise Dann as leads, it’s safe to conclude that the casting by Buckroyd is incredible. Maynard, best known for Miss Saigon and The Lion King, brings grace and one heck of a voice to the Sweeney Todd character. His performance succeeds in enchanting the audience to believe his persona of the grief-stricken, enraged man on that well-trodden warpath of revenge. Dann, who stars as Sweeney Todd’s friend, lover and partner in crime, is best known for Bend it like Beckham, and can only be described in all the best adjectives- amazing, incredible and perfect for the part of Mrs Lovett.

“Sweeny Todd has many sides to his story, brought together in this stage production to create a funny but dark and grim tale.”


The best part of this whole performance was having a two wonderful West End actors come into a small Derby theatre and perform their hearts out, along with other incredible actors.


Another favourite of mine was the staging. The 180-degree revolving stage encaptures the multitudes of Victorian London, metamorphosising from the Barber’s, Mrs Lovett’s pie shop, the bake-house and the city’s streets. Just like Victorian London, the tale of Sweeny Todd has many sides to its story, brought together in this stage production to create a funny but dark and grim tale.

As the nights draw in and the same horror movies are replayed, if you want to quench your thirst for some dark humour, go and see this horror classic inspirationally adapted for the stage. If anyone asks, tell them I sent you…

Sweeney Todd is on at the Derby theatre until 22nd October, where it then transfers to the Mercury Theatre, Colchester for its final run from 26th October until 12th November.