Moving away from home is the most daunting experience of your life, however, you soon realise that you are super independent, can kinda cook – if it involves pasta – and don’t need your parents to do your washing for you!

When I first moved away from home I was so nervous, but things do get easier I promise. Here are a few tips and small nuggets of advice from my experiences that’ll hopefully mean your transition into uni life will be as smooth as possible!

My first tip is don’t show your parents that you’re too scared or anxious, as they will only worry about you even more than they already are. Secondly, introduce yourself to all of your flatmates straight away!  They are the people you will be living with for a year. One of the girls I lived with in the first year of my degree is now one of my closest friends!

One very big plus is that moving away means that you have much, MUCH more freedom.  You don’t have to worry about what time you stumble home in case you wake your parents because most of the people you live with will probably be rolling through the doors at the same time as you anyway.  No doubt you will have probably all gone out together – and if you haven’t, you’ll more than likely wake them up at 4am and insist they sit and eat some god awful takeaway with you. Need more tips on uni nights out? We gotcha

Never again will you have to deploy ninja level skill to not wake up your parents

Never again will you have to deploy ninja level skill to not wake up your parents

Now, what about your room. Well firstly, don’t take all your worldly goods with you, because there is ABSOLUTELY no chance your room will hold them all.  Over the year you will accumulate loads more stuff, trust me, it is a given!  I did it and not just in my first year but in all three of my years in uni!  Also, don’t panic if you forget something, you aren’t moving to Outer Mongolia (although I’m sure there is nothing wrong with Outer Mongolia).  There will be shops and the city/town you are moving to is going to have somewhere for you to get anything you need to buy!

Packing may eventually get to you. It's okay.

Packing may eventually get to you. It’s okay.

Finally, take everything in your stride, this is all an adventure.  You’ll make mistakes along the way.   You will probably spend a few weeks wondering if you’ve done the right thing whilst you are getting used to the fact you no longer live at home, but honestly, embrace it. Moving away for uni will be the best time of your life. It’s the only opportunity you’ll ever have to spend most your days partying and chilling with your friends, and ultimately doing a great deal of nothing. The adult world of living on your own is not so much fun. Trust me. 


Good luck to everyone moving away to university in a few weeks, you’ll smash it!